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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sip, Sip, Sip

Thanks Amanda, yes I am trying to sip sip sip.  It was easiest last night while we sat and watched a movie.  I sipped a whole bottle of water.  I dont sit around a whole lot, I am one of those antsy kind of people that gotta be doing something.  I have already arranged all of my cabinets in the kitchen, well, all except two, I've cleared shelf in laundry room and put extra food in there (it is supposed to be turned into my pantry soon ~ugh~), I hung up a hat rack in my bathroom for my work hats, stared at my quilting material a few times, had to wash my binder (for stomach) already cause I got sweaty when I watered the grass we are trying to grow in the back yard and so forth.

Here it is 9am and I have already made some Jam Dandy Date bars, picked up trash from back yard and stared at quilting material.  About the date bars.... well, I have discovered that it is easier to bake when I know I CANNOT WHATSO EVER eat what i am making.  Last night I made carrot cake.  I dont bake alot but I had the cake mix in the cabinet and I figured I better get rid of it.  Yes, the responsible thing would have been to throw it out but I didnt want to 1. waste the money and 2. deprive my family of the goodie.  I'm gonna save the bars for church tomorrow night.  Oh and giving half of the carrot cake to my father-in-law who has a shop next to our house.  He is a great man and basically the man that hooked me and his son up.  :)

I am feeling really good except when I wait to long for the pain medication or like two nights ago when I woke up on my stomach....ouch!

Yesterday was my first day with creamy liquids.  I had some coffee.  I have some of these Starbucks Via's.
Oh boy, was I ready to enjoy some good coffee.  I had two yesterday.  I also made myself a protein drink that is chock full of protein.  It isnt the best tasting but not the worst either.  I got it from GNC and it is fruit punch flavor.  I shouldve got the strawberry like I went in for but changed my mind.  Anyhoo, I later had a soup in hand cream of broccoli and in the evening I had a cream of mushroom.  In between I had more flavored water and a popcicle.  I was never truly hungry and still aint...... Like my english there? 

I will now post a pic I tried to post a few days ago but couldn't.  Here are my incisions.  I only had 4 instead of 5.  Doc told my husband its because he didnt need to use a liver retractor on me just some new bungee thingy (yeah, thats the technical, j/k)
I'm gonna go for now.  I gotta go take my vitamins and make a protein drink.  Thanks again for following me and for the congrats.  I'M IN BANDLAND BABY!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feeling pretty good

Last day of clear liquids.  It hasnt been real hard, i mean i am not hungry but i did find myself at fridge once staring into it and at once closed it.  I was just bored.  I have not cheated or strayed from the clear liquids.  I am kind of tired of fruity drinks tho.  The crystal lite I had was too fruity.  I have different ones so I just have to keep changing it up.  I have felt good today.  I actually did some laundry and stocked a couple of shelves with water (cases of water on floor by cabinet).  I also cleaned off a desk in my room.  I did take a short nap but woke up energized.  I am not in much pain.  It hurts more when I go to lay down.  I guess it is the stretching of incisions.
Only thing was that this morning when I peed it was a bit dark which means I'm not drinking enough so I am working on that today.  It isnt easy.  I sometimes worry about drinking too much at once or too often.  Until I get used to it I imagine it will be a challenge.  When I do drink I feel bloated and swollen.  I hope that is normal.  I know I will be swollen for a while though.

Well, I am gonna go for now.  I threw a lasagna in the oven for my family (Costco).  My husband took my mom to go get some of her medicine.  He is such a good guy.  I will make some more broth with my crushed red peppers and enjoy.  Tomorrow I get cream liquids.  Oh, dear coffee how I long for thee.  Yum, cant wait

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day after surgery!

Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments.  I am feeling pretty good right now, minimal pain cause im sitting down and have my binding wrap on and of course the lovely liquid vicodin.  The following will be all about surgery day and what happened.

5:30 am we arrived at hospital and did our check-in, got my bracelet and got into gown.  They took my urine cause they said my white blood count was slightly elevated.  They check for bladder infection but it was clear.  Not enough for them to worry about though apparently.  I got my iv in and we sat for a bit.  My husband and son were both with me.  At 7:00 I was put in another room, like a pre-op area where I met a couple of nurses.  My doctor came by and said hi and checked if I had any questions and also my anestegiologist came by and introduced himself and asked a few questions.  He was cool, I liked him.
At around 7:30 I had to say goodbye to my boys and they wheeled me to operating room.  I was soon out like a light and in recovery room.  I later learned that the doctor informed my husband that the surgery went very well.  After a little while I was taken back to first room I was in and told that when I peed, drank a cup of water and felt ok then I could go.  At this point my worst pain was in my right shoulder.  I didnt feel my stomach yet.
I have to say that I really wanted to sleep more but I hated having my husband and son just sitting there waiting on me so I kinda pushed myself.  I got a bit nauseated and thought I was going to hurl but turned out I just needed to burp.  I peed, got clothes on and then sat for a minute.  I really shouldn't have pushed myself so hard but I knew the hotel was waiting for me.  So, believe it or not by 11:30 I was out of hospital.  I told my husband to stop at Target cause we needed some water and my son needed a toothbrush and oh yeah a can opener for my broth I brought with me.  Yes, I walked through Target.

After I got comfortable and was ready to sleep the boys took off.  They had their sights on Fry's (electronic store).  I remember napping really nice.  Not feeling any pain.  The pain in my shoulder was sharp but it wasnt constant.  I was taking my liquid vicodin every 3-4 hours as directed.  In the late afternoon my son wanted to go swimming so we went.  I just thought sitting in the sun would be nice.  It was for a little bit.  I facebooked a pic of my husband and son in the pool and then I headed back to room.

Oh, earlier in the day I decided to have some jello.  For a second I did forget about the band and I ate too fast.  I felt like I was going to throw up but mustered everything I had not to and just tried to breathe through it.  It was very uncomfortable but did pass in a minute.  I can imagine what real food would do......YIKES!  Good lesson though.

So I didnt sleep real well.  I was up every few hours to pee and at one point waited too long for medicine and hurt.
This morning when I got up I could really tell how I was swollen at the top of my stomach.  It is rather uncomfortable when I stand, it feels like it swells more.  I wear the binding which helps tons though.

We gathered up our stuff and went and got my mom.  We got home around 1 and I told my husband to go to walmart cause my mom needed fruit and I wanted some popsicles and french onion soup (thought it would be good).  Been taking my pain meds as directed and right now feeling ok, course Im sitting on my butt.

One thing I have to say is how much I love my husband and son.  They made a point to not bring any food into the motel from their trips to the fast food places.......they didnt want me to have to smell it.  How sweet huh. 

Ok, here is a couple pics my husband took of me night before surgery

Not great pics but wow, look at the cottage cheese......Yuck!

I will post more when I remember what I forgot lol

Monday, July 25, 2011

Here we go!

It is now 5pm and I am not to eat anything else tonight.  It is the night before my Lap Band Surgery!  I am super excited which is strange cause I know I will be very uncomfortable and all but I am happy to be at this point.
I am waiting anxiously for my husband to get home so I can rush him into the shower so we can hit the road to San Diego.  Much better idea to stay the night then to have to wake up and be on the road at 3am.  I am still scheduled to be the first surgery of the day.  I asked the nurse if Dr. Callery drank coffee.  Half joking of course but I hope he is a morning person  ~insert nervous giggle~ I will be at hospital at 5:30 am. 

We are staying an extra night at room like Im sure I mentioned before cause we are going to pick up my  mom and then come home.  I will admit it here that I have mixed emotions about my mom coming home.  I dont want to sound like a bad daughter but if you've lived with another adult woman its not easy.  I just need to set boundaries.  For instance, when my mom was well and she did some cleaning and such around the house she would clean my shower and/or wash my clothes.  I would always ask her why and she would argue with me `stubborn German~ but seriously I need to tell her that MY space is My space and she needs to NOT touch it.  There is plenty to do besides that.  Anyways, you know what I mean.  I really dont know what all she will be capable of doing anyway so we shall see.
I will try and post when I get back.
Oh and I would love some suggestions on clear liquids or creamy liquids.  I have a few but let me know what you all had.  I will ask about soft foods when I get to that.  I really have been away from forums so I forgot what was said.
Ok, I better go check my bags again and be off.  Yay!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Weigh-in

First off let me say that that is NOT me (either one)  lol.  Good illustration though, perhaps I should print it out and put it on my fridge.  Hmmm. 

Well, I hopped on the scale this morning (not would probably fly into pieces) and I am down 2 pounds!  Yay!  Not too shabby since I had a birthday meal and on wednesday after my pre-op I had a teriaki burger from Carls (my fav).  I guess I have really learned how to make up for my bad eating.  If I choose to eat something that would normally be my days worth of calories then the next day or two I go back to eating less.

Last night I caught myself saying to myself (dont laugh) that "I am now eating to live not living to eat"  That feels pretty good.  I hate that food has so much power.  Well NOT ANYMORE!  I need to take my health back.

I better run.  I have a house to clean today and tomorrow and on Monday then SURGERY DAY!  Is it normal to be excited about surgery?  Hmph.

Take care my feathered friends!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Product

I just wanted to share a product I recently found at Costco.  I thought I would try it and I was impressed.  The flavor is incredible.

Keep in mind that it is Vegan.  It only has 3 gr of protein but I thought it was great.

I got to get some paperwork done for my two appt tomorrow so I better go. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Good Weekend!

I enjoyed the beach on Saturday.  I stayed under my umbrella as much as possible but during lunch we couldn't get a shaded table so it was then that I got a little too much sun.  Not enough to make me suffer but enough.  Here are a few pics.

Then on sunday after church we went to Famous Daves cause it was my birthday and that is what I wanted ~stomp stomp stomp~  Of course it was yum

Im not really liking this pic but I had to settle for it cause my husband and son were tired of me trying to get a good know what I mean huh

I am super excited about my surgery in 8 days.  I have my pre-op this wednesday so we will see if he has me do any special diet.  I feel kind of guilty cause when I started this journey I was on the lap band forum website all the time and I was all informed and stuff but I kind of feel out of it.  I kinda feel like I need to go back and find out what I will need and what to be prepared for.  I mean the doctors office has a clear diet set out for me after the operation but.....I dont know, I just feel like I lost a lot of information by being away.  I started blogging and never went back.

I will be back to let you know how the pre-op went.  I better get to bed

Friday, July 15, 2011

Weigh-in Friday

Today is my weigh-in day.  I had to be pretty tough on myself this week cause I was up 4 pounds.  Well, this morning I got on the scale ~naked~ and I lost those 4 plus 1/2 more.  So that was good.

Tomorrow I am heading to the beach with my son and two of his friends.  They are all here right now and we are leaving at 8 in the morning.  It will take 2 hours to get there.  I live in a desert (irrigated, mind you) but a desert valley no less and so we have to travel over the mountain to get to San diego.  It is a nice drive.

This week has been very tiring.  I have worked all week and on top of that I have been helping out someone move.  If you have read my blog in the recent past you will recall one of my clients (that I clean for) who also goes to my know, the one that had the bypass.  Yeah, well, she and her husband split up.  In fact we loaded her up on thursday and she moved to Colorado.  It's kind of sad cause her husband is a sweet man.  He adored his wife.  I mentioned how I wasnt sure if her surgery had something to do with her wanting to leave. Hmm did I tell you about this already?  I cant remember.  Sorry if I repeat.  Well, she and I had a nice talk and she told me what was behind the breakup.  She just didn't love him like a husband.  She loved him like a best friend.  She also admitted that she was not attracted to him whatso ever.  Pretty sad.  Anyways, I told her I would help her but not that I was condoning the situation.  She appreciated it cause many of her friends just dissapeared.  Well, the day she was leaving and we were packing her uhaul I told her husband that I would be coming by the next two days after my regular jobs and I would clean up for him.  He was so grateful and I hauled stuff away that I could go through or save for our Rummage Sale at church.
So, I have been pretty tired but I am looking forward to looking out at the Pacific and saying Awwww.  This is my birthday present to myself.  I guess it would be better without 3 teenage boys but whatever.

I just realized that today is the 15th and I need to measure myself.  I'm not sure where the measuring tape is and I'm buzzing a little from my wine. hmm...

Oh, did you see my ticker?  For my countdown?  Cool huh :)

Ok, I better go now, gotta get some rest.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Miss Me?

No I have not gone anywhere.  I have just been lazy about blogging AND my last two weigh-in days were not so great so I have been avoiding you (BLOG).  I am getting excited though because in two weeks i will be a banded babe!  My surgery is the 26th (not 25th) and my pre-op appts are on the 20th.  I am going to try and eat good but on my birthday I might have a nice fatty dinner of Ribs or Honey chipotle chicken crispers....yum.  we will see.  I am turning 39 and I am so excited about turning 40 in a healthier body.

Sorry for being absent.  I know I should report the good and bad, if nothing else for me to read later on.

I was going through some pictures today and thought I would share one from my wedding day in 2002.  I dont recall my weight then but not far from me now I'm guessing.

Two weeks Peeps! woo hoo