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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Life happens!

I dont want to feel guilty for not posting but it's hard.  Same ol stupid story: wish i would post daily so I could record my struggles or accomplishments but nooooo life happens and time goes by.

Last Wednesday I had my appointment and got a fill.  It was an interesting appointment.  The doctor asked me if I would be willing to talk to a couple in the next room.  He felt that my experience would be helpful.  I told him that i have struggled and am trying to learn from my mistakes but if I wanted the easy way I shouldve gotten the bypass.  I told him that I am still able to eat alot of food and the only time I have an issue is when I eat too fast or something too dry (only happened a few times).  I was given another fill and told to do 2 days clear, 2 days creamy liquids and then soft for 2 days.  I have stuck to that (basically) lol

My fear is the coming holiday.  Food is in abundance and I am scared.  I pray this fill will help control my behavior.

The weather is getting colder too and this makes me want to bake.   Tonight I experimented and made some Nutter Butter Balls.  I was at the Dollor store and they had a bag of nutter butter crumbs so I got the idea.  I gave my son and his friend one and will send the few more that I made with my husband to work.  Ok, i had one :)

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  1. No type of surgery is easy, don't let what anyone tells you about gastric bypass make you believe otherwise. It's a struggle for all of us.

    Hope your fill gives you some much-needed restriction, but we all know it can't alter our behavior. :)