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Saturday, October 29, 2011

50 Pounds and 100 blog posts

I lost that 1/2 pound to finally get me to 50 pounds down. Yay!  Now today I have to say has not been a good day as far as my eating is concerned.  I was off and decided I was not going anywhere all day.  Only thing I really did was unpack some winter clothes and washed them.  Besides that I spend the day chilling, playing on FB and watching tv........and ohhhhhh yes eating.  I dont feel real good, sluggish and bloated.  I didn't weigh this morning and I am not going to weigh in tomorrow.  I will weigh in on Monday and assess the damages.  I know I can get back on track. 

I also noticed I hit 100 blog post (last one)!  That seems pretty cool.  I would like to go back and read it but it seems like I have not time.  I'm sure I do I just dont manage my time very well when I am at home.

Every once in a while I see a thing on dashboard that mentiones getting your blog published.  Has anyone you know done that?  Just wondering.

I hate that I have resorted to once a week blogging.  I know there are issues I should try to deal with during my week but as I mentioned before.........time is not there.

Enjoy your weekend people!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Amazing week

Last week sucked because I had to work so hard at losing the few pounds I had gained over the weekend.  When I approached this week I was determined not to make the same mistake.  By Monday morning I was down a pound so I did great over the weekend.  This week has been an exhausting one.  I have one more house to clean today which will make 8 for the week.  Today's house is huge and it will take me 6-7 hours.  I am shooting for 6 but its usually 7.

What I am totally learning from having the Band is that it is still really hard work.  If you want an easy way to lose weight go for the bypass.  I still have to pick my food very carefully, eat slow (still a problem) and only serve myself a small portion (yes, I can eat alot).  I know the band is there and working cause i have had a few stuck moments that are very uncomfortable.  It happened when I ate something too fast or didnt chew well enough.

But I have to say that the thing that has helped me the most this week is not snacking in between meals.  So simple but so profound!  I am down 5.5 pounds this week.  Yes, it is true lol but i have to say that it has taken soooo much willpower.  Like last night I made chili size (hamburgers open faced with chili on top) but no I did not have that.  I just had a small bowl of chili.  For lunch i had a smart ones meal and breakfast was some steel cut oatmeal.  Oh and I did have a banana in between breakfast and lunch.

So as of today I am down 49.5 pounds! UUUHHHHMAZING.  I wish it was .5 more so I could shout 50 down 50 down! but i will wait lol

Have a fabulous weekend friends!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Excited and frusterated at same time

Why, you may be asking.  Well, last weekend I overate and gained 5 pounds, yes 5 frickin pounds.  So all this week I have been making up for it and as of this morning I have lost 4.5 of that.  Wow, yes, that is pretty good but imagine if I hadn't gained all that how much I would be down.  Lesson (I better frickin) learn. 

So, as I am coming up to a weekend we shall see how much I have actually learned :)

Just realized that this is my 100th blog entry!  Wow
Have a great day friends!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bad Week

So I made it to the gym once this week.......not good.  Boy it really helped when my son was going to practice.  He started wrestling this week, well, one practice so that is when I went.  Last night he could have gone but he had lots of homework.  I also got a call from the councelor's office.  His Spanish teacher wants a conference.  Yes I am not thrilled.  My son's grades are not very good right now.  He has a terrible time being organized and lost his binder for Spanish and really hates that class so I know he kinda gave up.  Well, I talked and talked and talked with him.  Sometimes I feel like I am turning blue from trying to figure out how to motivate him.  I told him he has 2 weeks to improve his grades or wrestling is out.  I hope that works.

So besides no regular gym visits and a bit too much snacking I am up 1.5 pounds.  My mom's mom (oma) passed away on tuesday too.  I know my mom is not looking forward to weighing in.  I feel bad for her.  I know that when I am home all day all I want to do is snack and she is home all the time.  She has been making beanies and scarfs though.  I hope she doesnt get tired of making them.  I like to buy her yarn.  I like that she is getting into something.

I wish I had more time but I got to get my son up.  I will have to drive him to school again cause he missed the bus.  I let him sleep.  He has been staying up too late this week.  Next week will be different.

Have a great weekend friends!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I lost 1.5 pounds this week bringing my total to 46.  Hitting 50 down will be pretty awesome, cant wait for that.

I still struggle with the emotional part of losing weight.  I think I want to eat when I know my body doesn't really want it.  I have to force myself to NOT eat something when I wanna.  I pray this will get easier.  I dont want to feel this compulsion.  I dont want to feel like I have no power.  My mom and husband say Im doing a great job but I have to tell them how I struggle and how it isnt easy.  I wonder if they wonder about how much this surgery has actually helped me.  I guess I am still figuring that out.  I have never been real in-tune with my body so it can be hard to tell.  It would probably be a great idea if I started writing down how I feel after a meal and then how I feel a few hours later and so on.

This weekend has already had its share of challenges.  My Oma (my mom's mom) had a stroke and they cant perform surgery so she only had a day or two.  This afternoon my mom was on the phone trying to talk with her and I am in the office and I can hear her telling her mom in German how much she loves her and crying.  It was heart wrenching.  So anyways, trying not to run to food for comfort.

My son also quit football and that totally sucks.  I was really enjoying watching him practice and going to the games (even tho they were bad) and also, it forced me to hit the gym between dropping him off and end of practice since we live a few miles outside of town.  It was real incentive for me and well, I havent been to gym since wednesday.

I will find my rhythym and be set.  But also my husband will be back on mornings so I guess we will see how it goes.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend friends and make wise choices. :)