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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday

I am very suprised at my weight loss this week.  Not that I have totally screwed up but wasn't expecting TO LOSE 2.5 POUNDS this week!  Wow.......yes, I am very happy.  That makes me down 20 pounds!  Now that feels good.

This biggest problem I have right now is that I don't have any meals planned out.  I usually have meals from or other healthy recipes all planned out and shopping done for them but things have been rather hectic the last few days.  My mom has been in the hospital and my husband has started working mid-shift/nights so things are not normal.  I havent made my shopping list and I totally hate going without a list cause you know what happens.  100 dollars worth of food = 2 meals.........yeah, not good.  So I havent done the shopping.

I seriously need to sit down tonight and plan our meals.  I have to go to Poway tomorrow for appt so I will be gone for at least 5 hours.  Another crock pot meal probably.

Take care friends

Monday, April 25, 2011

Two more days till weigh-in, come on!

I have noticed something the last 3 days.  I am getting full faster than normal.  As soon as I realize this I push my plate away but on a couple of occasions I didn't notice until I felt too full.  Of course this weekend we had Easter so there was food.  Our church had a pot luck lunch which was of course full of great stuff and tons of desserts.  I am feeling like between the last two days I ate a bit too much but then again, I am really not eating like I used to. 

I have noticed that I do tend to go up in weight on the weekend and then on Monday and tuesday I redeem myself.  I know I cant keep having these great weight loss weeks.  I am bound to have a gain or nothing.  I just hope when I do that I wont get discouraged.  I guess it will be the same when I get the band in.  I really shouldn't weigh myself in between but you know how it is when you are curious.

I hope everyone's week has started off great and full of healthy thoughts and food.  :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hello out there!

Wow, I just noticed my followers jumped from 36 to 42 like over night!  I don't deserve your attention but I do appreciate it.  I love to get feedback.  I guess we all do.

I have been doing really well lately with my weight loss as I have mentioned before and I will just give you a sample of my day so you can see why.  I am of course not saying I am doing this right but this is just what has been happening.

Woke up at 7am and made myself a coffee with 3 splenda and creamer (non-flavored), keep in mind I put this in a large travel mug.  I also made a protein shake with 1/2 banana to drink on the way to my cleaning job.  That was breakfast.  For lunch I just ate a colossal protein bar and drank a sierra mist (only thing available).  On the way home I stopped and grabbed a Rockstar Recovery and downed that  :)  I knew I had to still make dinner and do whatever at home.  Tonight I just grilled up some chicken patties for burgers.  That was it.  Sometimes I prepare ahead and have something in the crockpot but i wasn't real prepared today.  I had a small glass of wine as I soaked in my jacuzzi tub and then finished off a 1/2 atkins bar that i started last night.  So, yes, I am not eating much these days.  I have been super busy and just have no time. 

It is kinda weird to not be obsessed with food all the time.  I used to wake up thinking about what I was going to eat for the day, wondering when and where I would eat my next meal.........all that sort.  I am sure many are familiar with that.

I am glad that I am so busy but trying to squeeze in my dr appts are going to be a challenge.  Also, when it comes time for surgery I am going to have to do some slick talking.  I dont have anyone that will do my job for me while I am down so I am just going to have to talk with my clients and hopefully they will all understand.  I believe they will.  I have really great clients, many are from my church or family of church members.  Only a couple aren't.

I really want to get on with it so I can get a few more clients.  I need to make a bit more money to help cover our bills.

I have also decided that since I have been doing so well with my eating, that the Band is for me.  The bypass is more drastic and I don't believe necessary for me.  I was also concerned about the fills being covered by my insurance but I was told they are.

So now I just need to make these appointments and get going.  I am trying to get a psych eval scheduled but cant seem to contact a dr.  One place I called wanted to charge me $165 at that visit, the girl said they wont charge insurance for that.  hmmm sounds wrong to me.  What did you all pay? 

Ok, I have blabbed enough for tonight.  Thank you for listening to me.  I am grateful for my new followers and I will get around to following you as soon as I can.

Have a fabulous weekend and stay healthy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday

I just have a minute, gotta rush out the door but I had to announce that I have lost 1.5 this week.  Thank you, thank you  lol

Yesterday was probably the kicker cause I hardly ate and worked pretty hard.  Our new pastor arrived and we helped unload the Uhaul AND he is moving into a two-story sooo there were stairs.

Ok, friends, gotta run.  I will post more later.  Toodles!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh my dear emotions....

They desperately want me to feed them, my emotions that is.  There was a few times this weekend when I felt down and boy oh boy did I just want to eat. 

This week I haven't cooked the best things cause I have been working late and when I get home I need to make something fast.  One night I made spagetti, next night chili and last night I brought home pizza cause I worked again.  I have some great meals planned out, I just need to perhaps prepare for them.  I need to suck it up and know that I have to make these meals even tho I am tired.

I made a new ticker.  It is keeping track of my inches lost.  I am excited to see that.

So I am ready to tackle my week but as of right now I am swollen.  I am retaining water pretty bad.  So for the next couple of days I am going to concentrate on drinking lots of water and watching my meals.  I want my weigh-in on Wed to be good.  I know as of right now I am up a couple of pounds.

I am really close to making my decision about surgery.  I am still looking for your stories.  Why did you choose the band over bypass?

I am so grateful for the responses so far and am very grateful for those that support whatever decision I choose to make (you know who you are).

So here we go Blogger friends, lets get this week going!

Friday, April 15, 2011

15th...........measuring day

Well, today was my measuring day.  Since last month I have lost 5.5 inches.  Half an inch on my boobs, 2.5 on waist and 2.5 on hips.  I am pretty stoked about that.  Actually just last night I noticed that my underwear fit better LOL.  Now, if I can just stop wearing yoga pants then maybe I can tell on regular pants how it fits.  I should try on jeans I havent worn in a few months.  Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

I have to say that the biggest reason why I am a success right now with my weight loss is that I am so busy cleaning all day.  Man, does it wear me out but it keeps me busy.

I have my appointment with the dietician in two weeks.  I am looking forward to getting started although I still dont know which one I want (band or bypass)  I havent really been able to think about it thoroughly.  Thanks guys for your input, I value each and every one of them.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Just a quick note to announce that I have lost 3 pounds baby!  woo hoo  I will write more probably tonight but had to come on now and tell the world!

woo hoo  what a great way to start the day

Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm so confused! Help!

I thought I knew what I wanted.  I thought I knew I wanted the band.  Now I am having doubts.  Don't get me wrong, I want weight loss surgery but am I seriously considering the bypass?  Yes, my dear blog (and friends) I am.  First of all I guess I had some pre-conceived ideas about the bypass even before I went to the seminar.  I was against it.  I thought it was too drastic.  I thought it wasn't for me. 

My husband and I were actually really suprised to learn that the bypass was completely reversable.  I did not know that.  I remember thinking at the seminar that the bypass was not as bad as I had thought.  Ok but here is the kicker.  I don't remember if I knew this or not...........i know, sounds weird, dont lose me now..........but for some reason I had this idea that the bypass was a regular surgery NOT Laproscopically done.  Today when I was at a new clients house, a girl from my church that I actually didn't know, I talked with her.  I had heard she had the bypass so I told her I was thinking about the Lap band and then we talked and she showed me her "lap" scars.  I was totally suprised.  Did I know the bypass was done laproscopically?  I dont think so.  What is wrong with me?  Why did this bit of info not sink in?  One of the biggest reasons why I wanted the Lap band was because I didn't want to be out for too long.  I needed to get a job (got one, yay) and so I need to be out as little as possible.

I dont want to say that I am for sure one way or the other but with the bypass I wont have to mess with fills or possible slippage.  I know I will have other things to worry about but not after I am healed.  I mean we all will have to take vitamins and still make sure we get proper nutrition.

Oh, dear blog, I am so confused.  I dont know what I want.  I need to seriously think about this.

I welcome any input from my dear bandster friends.  What made you decide on the Band?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Consultation appt.

Had my consultation with surgeon's office today.  It was rather strange and my mind was going 100 mph.  I have a ton of things to do now (as you all know).  I have a "million dollar blood tests" to do and all the other tests to schedule.  So I will have to call my primary dr and my this is a funny one.  I have to call my gyno to double check if i still have my cervix....yeah.  lol  Last year I had a vaginal hysterectomy and I was pretty certain they just left my ovaries but then why would the office be calling me to have a pap smear....hmm Maybe they are confused cause they actually had to refer me to another dr to get the surgery so maybe they just dont have all the facts.  IF I dont have my cervix then I dont need to have any more paps.........sounds good to me.  

I found out that my insurance doesn't require the 6 month diet, which is good I guess.  Really, now it is all up to me how fast I get this done.  

Now for my confession..... After we left office we decided to eat (2:30pm)  We hit Carl's Jr and we both had a taco salad.  While I was eating it I told my husband that it wasnt hitting the spot and I knew I would want something else.  I left a few bits and told my husband how a shake sounded good.  He said he wanted one too.  So we agreed we would not eat anything else today because in this one visit we had consumed enough calories for a whole day.  As soon as I had one slurp of the shake I knew I couldve had that instead of the so-called salad and been satisfied, not that I am recommending ever doing that.  I never have shakes or ice cream.  Weird how when you are out of town you tend to "treat" yourself to things you wouldn't allow at home.

Now it is 8 pm and I am seriously still full.  I am very glad about that.  I don't want to throw away all the good I have been doing lately.  I wont! 

Well, happy friday.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday

I am happy to report that I have lost 1.5 lbs this week.  Sometimes I don't know how I have managed to do it.  For instance yesterday I was headed to a job that was going to take me 6 hours so I grabbed 2 oatmeal from McDonalds, 580 calories and a few hours later and for rest of job I nibbled on my big protein bar, 400.  So basically I had 1000 calories by 4pm.  So I was worried about how much calories I would consume at dinner.  I was hungry.  I had put some boneless pork ribs in the crock pot in the morning so when I got home I just shredded the meat, put it on a baking dish and put some bbq sauce on it.  I broiled it and voila, bbq sandwiches (on hamburgar buns) but I also decided to make some lazy nachos which is just some chips in a dish, pour salsa on it and sprinkle mixed cheese.  After I had consumed 2/3 of the burger I realized that I really didnt want more of that but more of the chips.  So I stopped eating that and got more chips.

So there you have it.  Oh and when I started tracking my weight loss I was in the 280's, it is so nice to say I am in the 260's now.  Ok ok I know its cheesy but technically I am.

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Busy Bee is Me

I have failed to keep up with my blog reading lately.  I have been busy.  I actually took another job on Saturday and boy was that a doosy.  Imagine a kitchen with a stack of dishes, ants, moldy container (I threw out ~evil laugh~) and two containers of some sort of rotten Indian food.  I spent 5 hours cleaning the kitchen.  Crazy shit man!  Oh well, it did give me the extra umph to purchase a new pair of tennis shoes and a portable coffee cup and a couple little things.  So now it is Sunday night and I got to start over again this week, but I am still lovin it friends, I really am.  I love to make things pretty and I'm beginning to love the challenges.  I do often feel exhausted by the end of the day and last night I sounded like an old woman crawling into bed.  My husband just laughed - punk!  But seriously, he is very proud of me.

I have 5 jobs this week and on Friday my husband and I will head up the mountain to have my consultation.  It will take us 2 hours to get there and probably 1/2 visit.....haha I dont know.  But the ball is rolling.  I will probably have to do the six month diet but now, its not so bad.  I am not so obsessed with getting it done NOW.  I mean it would be nice but at least now that I am working I have something to take my mind off of the waiting.  My husband also like to tease me about getting a psych evaluation.  Gotta love him for putting up with me.

I will be back for my weigh-in on Wednesday if i dont forget again.  Have a great week friends and thank you so much for the encouragement for my weight loss last week.  I love you all!