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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hello out there!

Wow, I just noticed my followers jumped from 36 to 42 like over night!  I don't deserve your attention but I do appreciate it.  I love to get feedback.  I guess we all do.

I have been doing really well lately with my weight loss as I have mentioned before and I will just give you a sample of my day so you can see why.  I am of course not saying I am doing this right but this is just what has been happening.

Woke up at 7am and made myself a coffee with 3 splenda and creamer (non-flavored), keep in mind I put this in a large travel mug.  I also made a protein shake with 1/2 banana to drink on the way to my cleaning job.  That was breakfast.  For lunch I just ate a colossal protein bar and drank a sierra mist (only thing available).  On the way home I stopped and grabbed a Rockstar Recovery and downed that  :)  I knew I had to still make dinner and do whatever at home.  Tonight I just grilled up some chicken patties for burgers.  That was it.  Sometimes I prepare ahead and have something in the crockpot but i wasn't real prepared today.  I had a small glass of wine as I soaked in my jacuzzi tub and then finished off a 1/2 atkins bar that i started last night.  So, yes, I am not eating much these days.  I have been super busy and just have no time. 

It is kinda weird to not be obsessed with food all the time.  I used to wake up thinking about what I was going to eat for the day, wondering when and where I would eat my next meal.........all that sort.  I am sure many are familiar with that.

I am glad that I am so busy but trying to squeeze in my dr appts are going to be a challenge.  Also, when it comes time for surgery I am going to have to do some slick talking.  I dont have anyone that will do my job for me while I am down so I am just going to have to talk with my clients and hopefully they will all understand.  I believe they will.  I have really great clients, many are from my church or family of church members.  Only a couple aren't.

I really want to get on with it so I can get a few more clients.  I need to make a bit more money to help cover our bills.

I have also decided that since I have been doing so well with my eating, that the Band is for me.  The bypass is more drastic and I don't believe necessary for me.  I was also concerned about the fills being covered by my insurance but I was told they are.

So now I just need to make these appointments and get going.  I am trying to get a psych eval scheduled but cant seem to contact a dr.  One place I called wanted to charge me $165 at that visit, the girl said they wont charge insurance for that.  hmmm sounds wrong to me.  What did you all pay? 

Ok, I have blabbed enough for tonight.  Thank you for listening to me.  I am grateful for my new followers and I will get around to following you as soon as I can.

Have a fabulous weekend and stay healthy!


  1. Tanya, I was charged right under $400 for my psyc eval. It was a private company who gave me the paper work to file with Blue Cross if I chose to. The reason I went with her was the places that filed for me were booked for MONTHS and were more expensive. I liked her the best out of all companies I talked to and in the end I am happy with the results. I feel she gave me my eval. and did the paper work in a matter of one day rather then put me in line!

    I'd just check around. Sometimes your dr.s office has some approved doctors they use! Be careful though. Not all psycologists can give the test you need for Weightloss Surgery!

  2. I'm glad you made your decision. That's half the battle. You are doing so great...I'm so proud of you honey!