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Friday, June 24, 2011

Exciting news!

I went to the Dr.'s office and they did indeed have all my paperwork (tests etc.) so they were able to schedule me for surgery!  woo hoo!  The 25th of July.  Ok, now let me say.  Today I got a call from the doctors office and they wanted to see if I wanted to take the 12th for surgery cause someone cancelled.  I quickly talked to my husband and he said to take it.  He was driving to work and once at work his phone will be unreachable but I was excited that he said "go for it".  Then....... I get home and I am calling the doctors office back to say yes I will take it and also setting up the pre-op appt.  I also had to call hospital and schedule that pre-op appt.  It is going to be kind of crazy cause I am going to have to make a trip a week to San diego for three weeks.  That isnt real good but I gotta do it.  Also, I realized that my husand is required to attend the pre-op appt with me.  I scheduled that for the 1st and I am real worried that he wont be able to get that day off.  If he cant then I will have to undo all these appts and go with the original.  Ugh  lol

This morning was my weigh-in day.  I lost ONE pound! (after BM LOL)

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Oh and I have still not been able to leave comments on blogs.  I also have problems with FB chat......not sure what is wrong.  :(

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day

I just wanted to put up this pic of me and my Daddy.  He passed away 14 years ago next month.  I hope everyone had a great Fathers Day. 

I think Ronnie is only one that has seen the pic (its on Facebook).  Cute pic huh.......can you tell its from the 70's ?  lol

Today's pics

I felt like I looked pretty good this morning for church. Here are a few pics.....I think the side view is best :) that I am looking at them on the computer I dont seem as "skinny".  Ok, we know I wasnt skinny but I was having a skinny day.  As I looked in the mirror I thought wow, but now, not so much.  I know we have discussed in the past how we see ourselves and how pictures do not acurately portray what we see with our own eyes.  Crazy shit I tell ya......ok yes I just said a bad word.  Anyways, I felt really good and I am not going to delete the pictures because I no longer agree with my earlier assesment...or the fact that we ate at Famous Daves and I also had ice cream after and I feel like a total hefer.  Ha ha........ok  sooo

I have two days to make up for eating like a cow.  I enjoyed my ribs and beans and cornbread and coleslaw and coffee ice cream with cookie dough mixed in.  Let me just chuck this up (no, not the food) but the experience as one of my last great meals before the band.  I dont want to feel like I deprived myself of this wonderful overstuffed feeling...........yes, i am being sarcastic.......I am just not going to feel bad about it.  i just have to make it up in the next two days.  No wonder my weight shifts so much in one week.  :)  Ok dear friends and my dear sweet blog you.......I will talk to you later

Oh and one last thing.........please dont mind the messy

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weigh-in Friday........oops

I almost forgot to let you know.  I lost a half pound.  Believe me when I tell you that I am ok with that.  As you may have been able to tell lately from my blog, I have been having a hard time losing.  For several weeks now I have been going up and down on scale several pounds.  Even this week mid week I was up 3 pounds.  I tried soooo hard the last couple of days and even harder on thurday evening not to snack.  I succeeded and am happy that I lost the extra pounds I gained during the week and a half more.  I guess you can say that I am in the same spot as two weeks ago cause last week I gained a half pound.  UUGGHH........ok, I am not going to get upset.  I know I have not been banded yet (ronnie)  and I shouldnt be so worried but when my dr told me not to gain any more I took that seriously.  I will be going on Wednesday and I am going to wear something light LOL and see how I do..

What frustrates me to no end is oh man....they are a dieters worst nightmare.  Food, food and more food.  Sometimes all I want to do is eat eat eat.  I really need to buy some more cucumbers.  They really are yum with salt, pepper, chili powder and lemon.  Very good late night snack.

Ok, well, I am going to bed now.  I just wanted to let you all know how my weigh-in went.  I hope I can break this slow spell soon.  OH yeah, perhaps when i get the band!  :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Energy......where are you?

Oh dear Blog, where should I start?  It seems as if I have been kinda stuck in a rut for a few weeks now with my weight loss.  I was doing so well but it doesn't seem like the protein shake/smoothies are keeping me very satisfied and energized lately.  Having to clean 6-8 hours a day and then to come home and cook and do stuff for MY family seems impossible lately.  Ok, yesterday was an ok day and I did get some things done around the house but back to feeling exhausted today and low energy.

I lost a client this week.  She is a nice older lady that goes to my church.  She has an amazing big log cabin type house that is really clean but still she had me go every other week and mop and dust and such.  Well, she retired from teaching so she wont be needing me anymore.  She was sweet and was worried for me but I told her not to be.  I am actually relieved.  I mean, we really need the money but I am really tired.  I really feel like I need a break.  I have only been cleaning for 3 months (today).  Oh well.  I do have two jobs to do tomorrow but I dont have anyone scheduled for friday so I am going to take my son to see Super 8.  That will be nice.

I know I have to weigh in on Friday so I have one more day to make great choices and see what the scale tells me.  I actually really need to lose a few by next wednesday.  I have an appointment with the surgeon, the monthly one (till surgery), and they made it clear that they dont want to see any weight gain.  They should have all my tests, the only things I have to get done are the two classes.  I dont know if they will overlook that and just schedule me for surgery or be real strict.  If they will require them then I will have to make an effort to go next month.  They are usually on the first two thursdays of the month.  Only thing is they are 2 hours away and at 6:00pm.  No big deal really but my husband will be working those hours.  My mom should be back home tho by then so my son wont have to be alone.....not that that is such a big deal anymore he is 14.

So I am looking forward to the appointment.  My mom said she will probably be getting out soon so I see two trips to San diego within the next week.

Hmm......Im thinking that perhaps one of my trips to San diego I will visit the beach.  It is always very calming to look out to the ocean.  Yeah, I will have to do that. Perhaps I can write in the sand like this...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday - weigh me in scotty!

This has to be quick cause I have to clean up my house and prepare for some people coming over.  My son graduated Jr High last night.  I had two cleaning jobs today and now i gotta get in gear for tonight.  Anyways,  I changed my weigh in day to Friday so this morning I stepped on the scale and i was up a half pound.  This did not surprise me or upset me.  I have been doing a hell of a job the last couple of months so I am not going to get down.  Daily my weight is up and down so my gain was not unexpected.  In fact in like the last couple of weeks I was up a few pounds and then down before weigh in.  So now I am at an even number 256.  I have lost 27.  Not too shabby.

Ok, better get off my big booty and get to work.  Have a fabulous weekend and stay healthy.  Oh and I hope I can stay away from the giant cake I got from Costco.....ok maybe one small piece....but I will make up for it.  Toodles!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Woah!........weight loss effects

This is not what you may think.  I have mentioned before that I clean a house for a girl from my church that had the bypass a year or two ago.  Well, yesterday when I was at her house she told me that she may be leaving.  Leaving her marriage!  She said she has not been happy for a long time, about 6 years and she has dealt with it but she is just tired and she wants to be happy.  Her husband is taking it kinda hard.  He was home yesterday, guess having a hard time.  I told her she could have told me not to come but she didnt want to clean.  Anyways, she said they have been to see the Pastor and have talked to him and some people already know about their problems.  I sure didnt.  I mean, I didnt get to know her until I started cleaning for her.  She told me that she just wants to feel like what she looks like on the outside.  I know I have heard that before but the opposite way.

Do any of you fear what can happen when you get to your ideal weight?  Do you think your life will change dramatically?  How do you think it will affect your personality?  How have your spouses reacted?

I know myself and sometimes its scary to think about......but i dont want to get into it here.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hmm....weighing day change?????

First of all let me say that I have read several blogs and wrote some comments but for some reason it wont post.  I am hoping it is a blogger problem and not mine.  Super annoying cause when I wanna say something, I wanna say it.....aarrgh!  So anyways, sorry friends for no response from me lately.

I am considering changing my weigh in day to Friday.  Weigh-in Wednesday has a nice ring to it but having to play make-up on Monday and Tuesday for my overeating or wrong choices during the weekend is tough.  So perhaps if I move it to Fridays and I have a nice loss then I wont be so prone to bad choices during the weekend.  I am not sure.

This week is going to be totally crazy.  I am working 6 days, 9 houses, my son is graduating Jr. High and he wants to have a little party.  Yeah, its gonna be a crazy week.  And the wind is blowing like crazy which gives me a headache and more dust to clean at work!  :(  oh well.
Oh.....hahaha, remember me complaining about the food at the birthday party I went to last weekend?  Well, that is what I am serving but my chili is going to be better and I could make it with turkey so it will be much healthier.  I will also be prepared so I will NOT have to eat the other bad stuff.

Ok, so I am going to change my day to Friday.  Any catchy names for that??  Hmm, cant call it Fat Friday, umm oh i dont know.
Im gonna go take some ibuprofen for my headache and head to my first house.  Easy house to clean (its very clean) just have to iron lots of clothes for 2 and 4 yr old ....little crazy but easy job.

Take care friends

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday

All I could think was that it was a miracle!  I lost 1 pound!  Yes, only one but if you only knew what kind of weekend I had you would say the same thing.  Saturday I was working a job that had me pretty busy.  I was hoping to be done by 2 so my family could head to San Diego to go see my mom but I didnt finish until 3 and due to some stress thing related to job I was a wreck!  Seriously, as I drove away from this house I was crying.  I had already decided that it was too late to head over the mountain and the wind was blowing like crazy so that was also kinda scary.  So since we didnt go we were obligated to attend a family members birthday (4 yr old).  I was soooo hungry.  Oh did i mention that while I was cleaning the only other person in the house cooked some bacon!  OMG it smelled so good and didnt help me.  I cleaned for 7 hours straight without a break for food.  Anyways, at the party there was hot dogs, nachos and chili beans.  It was ok tasting (my chili is better) but still I ate.  Oh and I also had 3 cupcakes.

The next day we went to church and planned on heading to SD right after.  So we hit the hamburgar stand and ate there.  And then after we visited with my mom we hit a food court at a mall up there and I ate at Panda Express.  Yes, I know!  I woke up Monday 5 pounds heavier.  Most was water I'm sure.  So I did my best to straighten up for the next couple of days and took a water pill and yes a laxative a couple of times.  I still was not expecting to have any loss on the scale.  I thought for sure I would still be up one or two but NOPE I was down ONE.  I am happy about that.  I know I cant keep having losses every week right?  UUGGHH I hope so.  I have a lot to lose.

Anyways, I am totally loving my protein shakes in the morning for breakfast.  I purchased some Whey protein in Vanilla since I only had a chocolate Lite Muscle Milk and I like to make a blueberry vanilla one.  I also added some flax in it this morning.......YUM.  I am soo going to stick to the protein shake for breakfast.  It really does help me.  Oohh I didnt mention here in my blog what happened when I didnt have my protein shake.  It was horrible.  But, my dear blog, I am too tired to type anymore and I must get my laundry out of dryer.  Toodles!