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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Today's pics

I felt like I looked pretty good this morning for church. Here are a few pics.....I think the side view is best :) that I am looking at them on the computer I dont seem as "skinny".  Ok, we know I wasnt skinny but I was having a skinny day.  As I looked in the mirror I thought wow, but now, not so much.  I know we have discussed in the past how we see ourselves and how pictures do not acurately portray what we see with our own eyes.  Crazy shit I tell ya......ok yes I just said a bad word.  Anyways, I felt really good and I am not going to delete the pictures because I no longer agree with my earlier assesment...or the fact that we ate at Famous Daves and I also had ice cream after and I feel like a total hefer.  Ha ha........ok  sooo

I have two days to make up for eating like a cow.  I enjoyed my ribs and beans and cornbread and coleslaw and coffee ice cream with cookie dough mixed in.  Let me just chuck this up (no, not the food) but the experience as one of my last great meals before the band.  I dont want to feel like I deprived myself of this wonderful overstuffed feeling...........yes, i am being sarcastic.......I am just not going to feel bad about it.  i just have to make it up in the next two days.  No wonder my weight shifts so much in one week.  :)  Ok dear friends and my dear sweet blog you.......I will talk to you later

Oh and one last thing.........please dont mind the messy


  1. I think you look beautiful, no negativity allowed!

    You started at 283, and you're now 255. (Hello, almost under 250 lbs! That's close to 200 lbs.) What an accomplishment. And it's only the beginning, you haven't even seen all the awesome things that'll come after you get your band. :)

  2. You look beautiful and your hair is soooo sooo pretty!

  3. what a pretty beautiful :) I wish I had your hair...jealous!

  4. So pretty!!
    What lovely hair you have. And I agree with Ronnie...255...hello lady that is an accomplishment if there ever was one!