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Friday, June 24, 2011

Exciting news!

I went to the Dr.'s office and they did indeed have all my paperwork (tests etc.) so they were able to schedule me for surgery!  woo hoo!  The 25th of July.  Ok, now let me say.  Today I got a call from the doctors office and they wanted to see if I wanted to take the 12th for surgery cause someone cancelled.  I quickly talked to my husband and he said to take it.  He was driving to work and once at work his phone will be unreachable but I was excited that he said "go for it".  Then....... I get home and I am calling the doctors office back to say yes I will take it and also setting up the pre-op appt.  I also had to call hospital and schedule that pre-op appt.  It is going to be kind of crazy cause I am going to have to make a trip a week to San diego for three weeks.  That isnt real good but I gotta do it.  Also, I realized that my husand is required to attend the pre-op appt with me.  I scheduled that for the 1st and I am real worried that he wont be able to get that day off.  If he cant then I will have to undo all these appts and go with the original.  Ugh  lol

This morning was my weigh-in day.  I lost ONE pound! (after BM LOL)

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Oh and I have still not been able to leave comments on blogs.  I also have problems with FB chat......not sure what is wrong.  :(


  1. Sign into blogger and unclick the stay signed in box...that should allow you to comment!

  2. That's awesome that you have a date now!!!

  3. Ditto what Drazil said. :)

    ANNND... only 28 more days til your surgery! How excited are you?