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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Energy......where are you?

Oh dear Blog, where should I start?  It seems as if I have been kinda stuck in a rut for a few weeks now with my weight loss.  I was doing so well but it doesn't seem like the protein shake/smoothies are keeping me very satisfied and energized lately.  Having to clean 6-8 hours a day and then to come home and cook and do stuff for MY family seems impossible lately.  Ok, yesterday was an ok day and I did get some things done around the house but back to feeling exhausted today and low energy.

I lost a client this week.  She is a nice older lady that goes to my church.  She has an amazing big log cabin type house that is really clean but still she had me go every other week and mop and dust and such.  Well, she retired from teaching so she wont be needing me anymore.  She was sweet and was worried for me but I told her not to be.  I am actually relieved.  I mean, we really need the money but I am really tired.  I really feel like I need a break.  I have only been cleaning for 3 months (today).  Oh well.  I do have two jobs to do tomorrow but I dont have anyone scheduled for friday so I am going to take my son to see Super 8.  That will be nice.

I know I have to weigh in on Friday so I have one more day to make great choices and see what the scale tells me.  I actually really need to lose a few by next wednesday.  I have an appointment with the surgeon, the monthly one (till surgery), and they made it clear that they dont want to see any weight gain.  They should have all my tests, the only things I have to get done are the two classes.  I dont know if they will overlook that and just schedule me for surgery or be real strict.  If they will require them then I will have to make an effort to go next month.  They are usually on the first two thursdays of the month.  Only thing is they are 2 hours away and at 6:00pm.  No big deal really but my husband will be working those hours.  My mom should be back home tho by then so my son wont have to be alone.....not that that is such a big deal anymore he is 14.

So I am looking forward to the appointment.  My mom said she will probably be getting out soon so I see two trips to San diego within the next week.

Hmm......Im thinking that perhaps one of my trips to San diego I will visit the beach.  It is always very calming to look out to the ocean.  Yeah, I will have to do that. Perhaps I can write in the sand like this...


  1. Tanya, are you taking some vitamins? I hate em. I have a hard time remembering them and it takes me forever to find the ones that don't make me feel sick!? BUT...I have to say they help me with my engery level. Protein shakes do not satisfy me totally. And I can tell when my B vits are down. So I take em and feel better!

    Get a string cheese in. Or something solid. Maybe a peice of fruit. Another thing that is hard for me since I don't really like fruit. But it does give you a quick boost of natural sugar/energy!

  2. Girl, you aren't banded yet, no one expects you to be full off of a protein shake or bar! But the fact that you're trying to change your life for the better already (when I was off having LAST MEALS at this time before I got banded) is super commendable. I wouldn't worry about gaining, you're obviously doing the right thing.

    I would definitely take Amanda's advice and get some vitamins. They really do help!