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Monday, June 6, 2011

Hmm....weighing day change?????

First of all let me say that I have read several blogs and wrote some comments but for some reason it wont post.  I am hoping it is a blogger problem and not mine.  Super annoying cause when I wanna say something, I wanna say it.....aarrgh!  So anyways, sorry friends for no response from me lately.

I am considering changing my weigh in day to Friday.  Weigh-in Wednesday has a nice ring to it but having to play make-up on Monday and Tuesday for my overeating or wrong choices during the weekend is tough.  So perhaps if I move it to Fridays and I have a nice loss then I wont be so prone to bad choices during the weekend.  I am not sure.

This week is going to be totally crazy.  I am working 6 days, 9 houses, my son is graduating Jr. High and he wants to have a little party.  Yeah, its gonna be a crazy week.  And the wind is blowing like crazy which gives me a headache and more dust to clean at work!  :(  oh well.
Oh.....hahaha, remember me complaining about the food at the birthday party I went to last weekend?  Well, that is what I am serving but my chili is going to be better and I could make it with turkey so it will be much healthier.  I will also be prepared so I will NOT have to eat the other bad stuff.

Ok, so I am going to change my day to Friday.  Any catchy names for that??  Hmm, cant call it Fat Friday, umm oh i dont know.
Im gonna go take some ibuprofen for my headache and head to my first house.  Easy house to clean (its very clean) just have to iron lots of clothes for 2 and 4 yr old ....little crazy but easy job.

Take care friends

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