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Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday - weigh me in scotty!

This has to be quick cause I have to clean up my house and prepare for some people coming over.  My son graduated Jr High last night.  I had two cleaning jobs today and now i gotta get in gear for tonight.  Anyways,  I changed my weigh in day to Friday so this morning I stepped on the scale and i was up a half pound.  This did not surprise me or upset me.  I have been doing a hell of a job the last couple of months so I am not going to get down.  Daily my weight is up and down so my gain was not unexpected.  In fact in like the last couple of weeks I was up a few pounds and then down before weigh in.  So now I am at an even number 256.  I have lost 27.  Not too shabby.

Ok, better get off my big booty and get to work.  Have a fabulous weekend and stay healthy.  Oh and I hope I can stay away from the giant cake I got from Costco.....ok maybe one small piece....but I will make up for it.  Toodles!


  1. Happy late birthday/graduation to your son! (You said it was his bday on FB, right?)
    And one piece of cake isn't bad, if you plan for it. :)
    Hope you have a great weekend, Miss Tanya!

  2. You've been given a blog award!! Come to my site to get it!!