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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday

All I could think was that it was a miracle!  I lost 1 pound!  Yes, only one but if you only knew what kind of weekend I had you would say the same thing.  Saturday I was working a job that had me pretty busy.  I was hoping to be done by 2 so my family could head to San Diego to go see my mom but I didnt finish until 3 and due to some stress thing related to job I was a wreck!  Seriously, as I drove away from this house I was crying.  I had already decided that it was too late to head over the mountain and the wind was blowing like crazy so that was also kinda scary.  So since we didnt go we were obligated to attend a family members birthday (4 yr old).  I was soooo hungry.  Oh did i mention that while I was cleaning the only other person in the house cooked some bacon!  OMG it smelled so good and didnt help me.  I cleaned for 7 hours straight without a break for food.  Anyways, at the party there was hot dogs, nachos and chili beans.  It was ok tasting (my chili is better) but still I ate.  Oh and I also had 3 cupcakes.

The next day we went to church and planned on heading to SD right after.  So we hit the hamburgar stand and ate there.  And then after we visited with my mom we hit a food court at a mall up there and I ate at Panda Express.  Yes, I know!  I woke up Monday 5 pounds heavier.  Most was water I'm sure.  So I did my best to straighten up for the next couple of days and took a water pill and yes a laxative a couple of times.  I still was not expecting to have any loss on the scale.  I thought for sure I would still be up one or two but NOPE I was down ONE.  I am happy about that.  I know I cant keep having losses every week right?  UUGGHH I hope so.  I have a lot to lose.

Anyways, I am totally loving my protein shakes in the morning for breakfast.  I purchased some Whey protein in Vanilla since I only had a chocolate Lite Muscle Milk and I like to make a blueberry vanilla one.  I also added some flax in it this morning.......YUM.  I am soo going to stick to the protein shake for breakfast.  It really does help me.  Oohh I didnt mention here in my blog what happened when I didnt have my protein shake.  It was horrible.  But, my dear blog, I am too tired to type anymore and I must get my laundry out of dryer.  Toodles!


  1. The definition of torture is smelling bacon and not being able to eat it. Hang in there girl. xoxo

  2. You can have a loss every week if you do everything right, but that's not really practical all the time. :) Life happens, enjoy it!