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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Current Status and my mom

Last week I had my appointment with the surgeon and my psych evaluation.  My psych eval was the last of the pre-op testing to do.  I was told by the nurse that she would have the report within two weeks to my surgeon.  My surgeon told me that when they have everything they would submit to insurance and they usually take like two weeks.  Soooo in one month I will be able to schedule my surgery (if all goes as plans).  I have an appt on the 15th at Dr. office, which i actually have to change cause I am being summoned for jury again, but if all the info is in they will count that as a pre-op appt.  My doctors office require that you go in once a month until you are scheduled for surgery.  They need to know that you are commited and all.  So since i will be moving that up a week all the info should be in.

Oh, I did forget that I have two classes that I have to take.  That is a little harder cause they are on a thursday evening at 6:30.  It's ok but as you may recall I live 2 hours away from Dr.  It's a nice drive but will be very dark on the way home through mountains.

Today my Mom was transferred to a Nursing Home.  I really hate that title.  It should be called a Extended Care facility.  They have a really great therapy center and the place is not real big so the personal care is much better.  My family will be going up to visit and take her some things on Saturday.  It is also in San Diego (2 hrs) but it will be nice with my husband and son.  Only bad thing is I have to clean a house on Saturday so I will be a bit tired.

My cleaning business is going great.  I wish I charged a little more but doing fine for now.  I have about 14 houses I do now.  Majority are super easy so its great.

I want to apologize for now being up to date with all my friends blogs.  I pray you all are doing well.


  1. Good luck with your approval-- you've done SO well with all of the pre-op preparation that I've no doubt you'll be very successful.

    You know, I'm glad your mom is going to get the kind of care that she needs and that you'll be able to have a little stress off your plate. It really should be better for everyone.

  2. Good luck with everything. Sounds like everything is moving right along for you. And congrats on your cleaning business, it's definitely a blessing when you can work for yourself.
    I pray your mom gets the best care, its a good feeling when the facility can be more one on one with our loved ones.

  3. I hope it all goes through with out any problems!

  4. I agree with Lyla, it really will be easier for you to do what you need to do now that your mom is getting the help she really needs for her condition. *hugs* Not that that makes it any better or easier.

    You really are doing so great on your own, I so envy your determination!