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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not so great weekend and no guilt

Friday I was leaving San Diego when I got a call from my mom's case manager.  She said the Dr. said that if she was stable they would let her go on Tuesday.  She would be either taken to a Nursing Home "where she could get some physical therapy" or home with me as long as someone was able to check on her while I am out working.  Needless to say I was dumbfounded.  First off what in the world  is considered stable to this freakin doctor.  My mom has been confined to her bed and only able to make one step out of bed to her bedside commode.  She gets extremely week when moving around and has even fell once.  I told the lady that we were under the impression that her hospital was where she was going to get some help.  My mom is in NO better shape then when she went there.  In fact she has a chest cold right now.  She told me to think it over and we will talk on Monday.  I am going to call the doctor in the morning and demand to know what testing have they done on her, why she is so weak and what does he consider stable.
My mom told me today that they wanted her to walk yesterday.  She told them how confused she was cause first they want her to stay in bed (even had an alarm on her bed) and now they want her to get up and walk.  We are convinced that they just want her out!  What the hell!

The reason why I mentioned this was because when my husband, son and I went to the Mall yesterday and ate at this great place called Burgers & Beer, I ate a burger called a Lava burger........good and hot and probably 800-900 calories and I also had some asparagus fries  oh and also two mixed drinks.  BUT I FELT NO GUILT!  I loved every bite and drink.  I needed those drinks man woohoo.  Ok, so I thought that I would have to not eat for two days but today after church we went back to the mall and ate at the food court.  I ate at a mongolian place, where you pile your stuff in a bowl and they add some sauce and noodles.  It was pretty good and I got my spicy food again.  We went to the movies and I ate the rest in there.  I am trying not to feel guilty about today.  Ok, so tomorrow when I am out and about cleaning (2 jobs) I will have to find something to eat.  I am out of my protein bars.  Oh well.
I know I am up 2 pounds at least so I will have some major work to do before wednesday.  Wish me luck!  :)

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