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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blog award

Thank you Chrissy for the award!

10 things about me

1.  My favorite color is purple
2.  I could live in my bathroom (jacuzzi tub, tv, fridge)  oh yeah baby
3.  I am a very picky cleaner....
4.  I went to school to become a teacher but failed miserable at the math
5.  Recently considered going into nursing
6.  I love to read motivational and inspirational books
7.  I wear my Ipod when I am working and occasionally dance and sing to the  music
8.  I am a size 10 (in shoes)
9.  I love helping people
10. My name is actually spelled Tanja on my birth certificate

I am choosing not to pass along this award only because it gets kind of crazy when awards start going around.  I hope this doesnt offend anyone.  If I am wrong please let me know and I will pass it on.



  1. Nice Award!
    I could live in my bathroom too! With my iPad..I set it up on the potty and take a nice long bubble bath! Heaven

  2. I miss award season. *sigh* :D

    You deserve this and more Tany(j)a!

  3. I love the 10 things about you!