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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday

I have lost a half pound (.5).  Not bad considering I was up a few days ago by a lot.  I will take it and be happy.  I know my body can't continue to lose 2-3 pounds EVERY single week (without the band).  I am not that strong.  I had a bit of a hard time yesterday because I was off and I tried to keep myself busy so I wouldn't think about food.  I did have to go to my drs for an ekg and also my gyno for a pap.  Yeah, I am so excited to say that I have all my tests scheduled.  Next week I will be getting the upper gi and gall bladder test.  Only think is my psych appt.  On the phone he told me it will be 3 visits.  My husband loves to tease me about that.  I guess he thinks I am crazy and that he will want to continue to see me for like a year.  Anyways.  So I am down 21 pounds so far.  Great start.

In case you haven't noticed I changed my Blog title from Tanya's Lap Band Journey (hasn't officially started yet)  to just the Journey part.  I have started so that is super cool.

Well, I better head off to work.  I got two (4 hr) jobs to do today.  Have a great day.


  1. Good for you girlie!

    I do have to say, I am one of those girls that doesn't lose 3lbs a week EVER! I stick around the 1.5 mark pretty much! This last week was 2.5. But I am thrilled with my results.

  2. 21 Lbs is a big deal! You really are doing a great job. Have fun at work!