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Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday morning wake up

This morning I just had to do it.  I got on the scale.  I knew it would not be good seeing is how I ate some chips the night before.  I tend to retain water very easy apparently.  I was up 6 pounds!  Crazy!  So today I was very diligent.  I had a protein smoothy for breakfast and some coffee, a smart ones meal and special k crackers for lunch and even though I told myself in the morning that I wasnt going to eat what I was planning on making for dinner I did, but not much.  I made enchilada casserole and spinach salad.  I really didnt eat too much.  But right now 10:30 at night I am thinking about food....bad!  I took my mom to the ER about 8:00 and am waiting for a call to tell me they are keeping her or I have to pick her up.  This might sound strange but this is our routine.  My husband just got home and ate the last of the casserole so at least that wont tempt me but when he was eating that was when I started thinking about what I could eat.  It is going to take a lot of willpower for me NOT to eat anything tonight

As I have mentioned before the weekends are usually tough and monday and tuesday is when I kick butt and get back into gear.  I don't know about 6 pounds though, seems like a lot to lose.  I hope it was mostly water but seriously, I dont know.
I had to get a load out of dryer.
Well, I made my way to kitchen and got a low-fat string cheese.  I'm thinking that I probably didn't get enough protein in today.  I was a short on my smoothy and I didnt have a protein bar like I usually do for lunch.  I really feel the difference.  I dont usually want to snack so bad at night (anymore) but tonight uughh.  I will fight it.  After this cheese I will drink a bunch of water and lay down.

I will be back to report on Wednesday what my weight it.

Oh and I finally have a psych appt. woo hoo


  1. Do you hate it when the scale is so unforgiving! But 6lbs ina day is impossible so atleast you know it is a fluke and water weight! Keep up the good fight!

  2. Since a pound is 3,500 calories, you'd have had to have eaten 21,000 EXTRA calories to gain six pounds in one day so that is DEFINATELY water weight gain or TOM related. Don't stress. It may not be gone tomorrow, but it won't hang around long!

    I keep 100 calorie bags of popcorn on hand for evenings when I feel like munching. I sprinkle on a bit of Molly McCheese. It is probably a ton of sodium.

    Good luck with the psych eval!