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Monday, May 16, 2011

Measuring Day

Last night as I was in bed I realized that it was the 15th and my monthly measuring day.  I only take 3 measurements: my bust, waist and hips.  In the last month I have lost 4 inches; 1.5 in my bust, .5 in waist and 2 in hips.  This is pretty cool.  I know that measurements are a better way to gauge weight loss than a scale. 

I will be back in two days to give you my weight for the week.  On that day i am also meeting with the surgeon.  He should have all my test results except the psych eval by then.  I have that appt on Friday.  I am not thrilled about having to go to San Diego 2 times this week but then again I will get to see my mom and see how she is coming along.

I am still trying to get over my cold which sucks cause I have to clean all day like this.  I will write more about that later.  Have a great week friends.

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