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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Miss Me?

No I have not gone anywhere.  I have just been lazy about blogging AND my last two weigh-in days were not so great so I have been avoiding you (BLOG).  I am getting excited though because in two weeks i will be a banded babe!  My surgery is the 26th (not 25th) and my pre-op appts are on the 20th.  I am going to try and eat good but on my birthday I might have a nice fatty dinner of Ribs or Honey chipotle chicken crispers....yum.  we will see.  I am turning 39 and I am so excited about turning 40 in a healthier body.

Sorry for being absent.  I know I should report the good and bad, if nothing else for me to read later on.

I was going through some pictures today and thought I would share one from my wedding day in 2002.  I dont recall my weight then but not far from me now I'm guessing.

Two weeks Peeps! woo hoo


  1. Not long now! Good to hear from you!
    Blog during the good and helps!

  2. Less than two weeks away. Keep your chin up, lady!

  3. yay! only two weeks! That time will fly by. Happy early birthday!