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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sip, Sip, Sip

Thanks Amanda, yes I am trying to sip sip sip.  It was easiest last night while we sat and watched a movie.  I sipped a whole bottle of water.  I dont sit around a whole lot, I am one of those antsy kind of people that gotta be doing something.  I have already arranged all of my cabinets in the kitchen, well, all except two, I've cleared shelf in laundry room and put extra food in there (it is supposed to be turned into my pantry soon ~ugh~), I hung up a hat rack in my bathroom for my work hats, stared at my quilting material a few times, had to wash my binder (for stomach) already cause I got sweaty when I watered the grass we are trying to grow in the back yard and so forth.

Here it is 9am and I have already made some Jam Dandy Date bars, picked up trash from back yard and stared at quilting material.  About the date bars.... well, I have discovered that it is easier to bake when I know I CANNOT WHATSO EVER eat what i am making.  Last night I made carrot cake.  I dont bake alot but I had the cake mix in the cabinet and I figured I better get rid of it.  Yes, the responsible thing would have been to throw it out but I didnt want to 1. waste the money and 2. deprive my family of the goodie.  I'm gonna save the bars for church tomorrow night.  Oh and giving half of the carrot cake to my father-in-law who has a shop next to our house.  He is a great man and basically the man that hooked me and his son up.  :)

I am feeling really good except when I wait to long for the pain medication or like two nights ago when I woke up on my stomach....ouch!

Yesterday was my first day with creamy liquids.  I had some coffee.  I have some of these Starbucks Via's.
Oh boy, was I ready to enjoy some good coffee.  I had two yesterday.  I also made myself a protein drink that is chock full of protein.  It isnt the best tasting but not the worst either.  I got it from GNC and it is fruit punch flavor.  I shouldve got the strawberry like I went in for but changed my mind.  Anyhoo, I later had a soup in hand cream of broccoli and in the evening I had a cream of mushroom.  In between I had more flavored water and a popcicle.  I was never truly hungry and still aint...... Like my english there? 

I will now post a pic I tried to post a few days ago but couldn't.  Here are my incisions.  I only had 4 instead of 5.  Doc told my husband its because he didnt need to use a liver retractor on me just some new bungee thingy (yeah, thats the technical, j/k)
I'm gonna go for now.  I gotta go take my vitamins and make a protein drink.  Thanks again for following me and for the congrats.  I'M IN BANDLAND BABY!

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