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Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Monday......Yep!

Yesterday was a bit of a struggle for me.  It was the first day I craved food.  I know it was more out of boredom and being surrounded by people eating all day.  So, what did I do?  Well, I think I had 3 different soups, two different protein drinks and yet nothing really seemed to hit the spot.  I went on's forums and looked around for some liquid diet suggestions and found a couple but also found some bad advice too.  At the end of the night I ate one saltine and two ritz.  I ate them very very slowly and made them disintegrate in my mouth (practically). Yes, I felt better and then I just went to bed.  One good thing about last night was that I finally had my first BM since surgery.

I am a little nervous about my week.  I have 3 jobs to do. 2 will be no big deal but the 3rd one (which is actually tomorrow) is the big one.  I asked my husbands niece to help me but she will be only able to help for like 2 hours.  Thats ok, I will have her do all the vacuuming and mopping and I will do the rest.  I cannot tell my mom that she isnt doing the whole job for me though, my mom will not like that.  I really shouldve told client that I am going to skip but I cant.  80 bucks is 80 bucks.

So this morning I got on the scale and WOW, I am down.  I am officially closer to 200 than 300 now!  woo hoo!  I didnt weigh in last friday cause i was really still swollen and had not made any progress.....and wasnt expecting much then either.  I still want to keep fridays as my weigh-in day but I just had to push save on my scale and announce it to you all. :)  So technically, from my last weigh-in I am down 4.5 pounds!  When I went into surgery I weighed 255 on their scale.  so from their view I have lost 7.5  I am going to keep my records though, I dont want to get all confused.  So as you can see from my ticker, I have lost 35.5 pounds so far!  That is pretty cool.

I've got 4 more day of liquids then I go to soft food.  I need to keep it up and not give into the little bits of cracker that I know didnt bother me.  Hey, I cant see inside my stomach, maybe it irritated it or something....Yeah, yeah thats it, the crackers DID harm my healing so I had better stay away.  lol   ok, in case i lost you I am trying to psych myself into NOT eating solids yet.

I'm gonna go now, gotta take my boy to town and finish my protein and coffee.  Have a fab week everyone.


  1. Stay strong!! It gets better!!

  2. Like jessica said it does get better. Try some instant sugar free pudding with a scoop of protein powder mixed into it. I found that more filling than soup. It also feelis like your eating something a little more substantial then just liquids. Good luck hun and hang in there.

  3. If you are doing physical work, you should ask your doc about switching to mushies early. I started eating mushies several days early without issue. Some surgeons start post-op patients on mushies right after surgery. There's a lot of variation out there. The concern is that you are still swollen. You don't want to get stuck or risk vomiting so soon after surgery. Maybe some running refried beans? Something with lots of protein to sustain you.