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Friday, August 26, 2011

I must confess.....

I was the second gunman on the grassy knoll.  Ok, just kidding, Ace Ventura, always funny.  Anyways, what I must confess is that last week I was not truthful with you and myself.  I was so desperate to say that I had hit 40 pounds off that I ignored the half pound that actually was still hanging on and in the way of reaching that goal.  So, Im sorry.

This week came and went so quickly again.  Football practice, registering son for High School, son to dr for sprained ankle, mother to ER due to low Blood pressure and.... oh, yes, also the 5 houses I cleaned.  I still feel guilty for not getting on and recording my good and bad.  I did actually track ONE day......I know, I know, p a t h e t i c  right.  I was also frusterated that I went up a couple pounds (still hovering around 245 most of the time).  I did manage to go walking last night and tonight.  Last night I felt like crap, like I was super full and uncomfortable.  I forced myself to go for a walk for about 40 minutes.  Tonight I managed a whole hour which I am really proud of.  It kind of helps that I live in the country and well, if I decide to walk for an hour I head off down the ditchbank for 30 minutes and then I turn around.......i then have to keep going if i want to make it home so its nice.  Here is a pic of my way back home.  My house is passed the trees in the distance.  Kinda cool.

 Tonight I left my house at 6:30pm and the temp was 112.  It didnt bother me though.  For some reason I like it.  Wait, let me clarify that.  I like it when I am walking but not when I am running around town in the car.

Today was one of those awesome days where you feel like you did everything right (for my body) and I am really happy about that.  Now, I just have to stay out of kitchen for remainder of night.  That is a little tough but I took some Nyquil and Im hoping that will force sleepytime before I get bored and head to the fridge.  yes, I have been fighting the cold for about 2 weeks now.  I guess its not a cold anymore but I have residual phlem that bugs me.  I hope it has nothing to do with me not using the spirometer enough after surgery.  Oh, I noticed that today is ONE MONTH IN BANDLAND.  Im still waiting for the magical fairies to appear but no such luck.

Oh and since this is friday I guess I should tell you my weigh in.  EXACTLY SAME AS LAST WEEK 243.5 Yes, I am being honest this time.  That half pound is there.  I was actually glad to see the scale this morning though cause like I mentioned I was up to 245 a few days ago and frusterated.

I am still a scale whore.  I am refusing therapy for this at the moment but perhaps in the future.

I want to see what it says tomorrow.  Imagine if it could actually talk to me.  It would probably say " again" or perhaps "would you at least put some clothes on before you step on me"

I talked my husband into starting a weight charting things-ma-bob with me.  This time we are not actually competing for sexual favors but just keeping track openly.  I didnt tell my husband and family what my weight was until we left the hospital.  Remember, I had already lost 30+ pounds before surgery.  I was that ashamed.  I weighed 283 at my highest!  I could never tell my husband that.
So now, the cat is out of the bag and I can be honest.  I am going to make a cute little chart and record our weight weekly.  I even got my mom to get in on the action.

Have a great weekend friends!


  1. I think a chart is a great idea-- I have weighed daily for a year now and put it on a dry erase calendar in my bathroom closet. It's helped me to see patterns in losing and now that I'm losing slowly and feel like I've stalled, all I have to do is look at my weight 30 days ago (I erase as I go to put in the new weight) to see that no, I am in fact still making progress even if it is slow.

    Good job on the walking too.

  2. I need to keep track of my weight on my calendar or something. I always think I'm not losing at ALL. We're probably all in the same position, and we know that's not the case, but it can seem that way!

    I think it's great you're getting so much exercise. And happy one month bandiversary!

  3. I hate when you have less than a pound before a goal is met. I have been hovering around the 70 lb mark for 2 months!!!!