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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Post op appt, deli meat and missing my tub

Yesterday was my post op appt with the surgeon.  I wasted no time in standing up pulling up my shirt, pulling off my binder and pointing to my area of concern and asking questions.  He assured me that I was healing nicely and the burning I was feeling was normal.  He explained how my fat tissue was sewn to my muscle and how my skin was indenting and puffing up was normal.  He went on to say how the next stage was like the "teenage stage" and so forth and so I asked him if he was giving me authorization to move on to the next stage (soft food).  It was funny, he didnt answer me just went on to say some more stuff and so I asked him again playfully "sooo, you're giving me authorizaton to move on the next stage?"  He finally did with a smile and I even made sure when his assistant came in to take over that he repeated to her that I was authorized.  It was funny.

After we left we stopped at a 7 Eleven so my husband could get a soda and I thought I would go see if there was anything I might be able to eat.  I have been waiting for this right?  I settled on a pkg of budding deli meat and a stick of pepper jack cheese.  I had a few bites and enjoyed it immensly with no troubles.  That night I made tilapia fish and rice (for family).  I served myself 1/2 piece of fish and some chili beans.  I ate my small serving with no trouble and felt fine.

I had a 4 hour job to do today.  It was a bit difficult at times, like when I had to repeatedly bend over to empty the dryer.  I actually had to sit a few times for a few minutes.  I even broke down and took some vicodin.  I was going to try and not take it during the day but I think on days like this I needed it.  I am not working tomorrow but I do have one more 4 hour job on Saturday.  But that is it for time off for me.  I am back to regular working schedule next week.  I wish I did have more time off but I said I was going to be tough and actually cant afford to take off more time.

My back is hurting again and this brings me to the sad realization that I cant use my jacuzzi tub yet ~sniff sniff~  Oh how I miss my tub.  I actually take more baths than showers.  My bathroom is the biggest perk in the whole house......the jacuzzi tub, tv and mini fridge.  Yeah......I love it.  If I had a recliner in there I might never come out.  Actually most of my pictures I take are in there lol.

Tomorrow is Friday.....Have a great weekend friends and stay cool


  1. i want a bathroom like that!

    Love the picture

  2. goodness I am coming to take a bath at your house!