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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hell Week!

LOL, not for me (title) but for my son.  He is gonna be a freshman and in football.  I have been going to his practice and of course working so I havent been online much.  I feel so guilty about this.  I want to keep a better record of how I am doing post op.  Today is 25 days post op.  How much have I lost?  Well, I hate this question cause if I go by their scale at hospital then and mine now, it seems different.  Ok, IF we go by hospital scale then and mine now I have lost 12 pounds since surgery. Ok, yes, I will just deal with that.

I have hit a little milestone yesterday.  I have lost 40 total so far.  That is pretty cool to think about.  I will have to post some before and after pics when I hit 50 down.

This last week I seemed to hover around 245 and it was a little frusterating but just before weigh-in I lost and hit the 40 down.  I am not eating alot (I dont think) so i feel like I should lose a little bit more but as I mentioned to Ronnie, I really need to track my food intake and see what I might/might not be doing right.  I kinda hate tracking but she mentioned that it was easy now that she is used to it.  I know it takes a few weeks of doing something for it to become a habit so I should give it some time and then decide to do or not to do...........yes, that is the

This week was also a little bit difficult because I was trying to get over a cold and having to clean houses was not fun.  But I made it. 

Ok, I am really going to try and post more.  I need a place to vent my frusterations and also my achievements.  I dont think family is always as excited about hearing how my day went ya know.  Ok, friends, have a fab weekend and i will talk to ya all later.


  1. New follower here. Hi! *waves*
    I should try tracking with you. I'm so bad at it. that and actually measureing my food. But we'll do well!


  2. Don't feel guilty about not obviously have a lot going on in your life! I haven't started tracking my food yet. I guess I figure what's the point.....all I can eat is 2-3 oz. of pureed food, how could I possibly overeat at this stage? 40 lbs down is AWESOME!! Like you told me, We can DO THIS!!

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  4. Hi- another new follower :-)
    I do track my food beause I still do not trust myself to eat an appropriate amount.