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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day after surgery!

Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments.  I am feeling pretty good right now, minimal pain cause im sitting down and have my binding wrap on and of course the lovely liquid vicodin.  The following will be all about surgery day and what happened.

5:30 am we arrived at hospital and did our check-in, got my bracelet and got into gown.  They took my urine cause they said my white blood count was slightly elevated.  They check for bladder infection but it was clear.  Not enough for them to worry about though apparently.  I got my iv in and we sat for a bit.  My husband and son were both with me.  At 7:00 I was put in another room, like a pre-op area where I met a couple of nurses.  My doctor came by and said hi and checked if I had any questions and also my anestegiologist came by and introduced himself and asked a few questions.  He was cool, I liked him.
At around 7:30 I had to say goodbye to my boys and they wheeled me to operating room.  I was soon out like a light and in recovery room.  I later learned that the doctor informed my husband that the surgery went very well.  After a little while I was taken back to first room I was in and told that when I peed, drank a cup of water and felt ok then I could go.  At this point my worst pain was in my right shoulder.  I didnt feel my stomach yet.
I have to say that I really wanted to sleep more but I hated having my husband and son just sitting there waiting on me so I kinda pushed myself.  I got a bit nauseated and thought I was going to hurl but turned out I just needed to burp.  I peed, got clothes on and then sat for a minute.  I really shouldn't have pushed myself so hard but I knew the hotel was waiting for me.  So, believe it or not by 11:30 I was out of hospital.  I told my husband to stop at Target cause we needed some water and my son needed a toothbrush and oh yeah a can opener for my broth I brought with me.  Yes, I walked through Target.

After I got comfortable and was ready to sleep the boys took off.  They had their sights on Fry's (electronic store).  I remember napping really nice.  Not feeling any pain.  The pain in my shoulder was sharp but it wasnt constant.  I was taking my liquid vicodin every 3-4 hours as directed.  In the late afternoon my son wanted to go swimming so we went.  I just thought sitting in the sun would be nice.  It was for a little bit.  I facebooked a pic of my husband and son in the pool and then I headed back to room.

Oh, earlier in the day I decided to have some jello.  For a second I did forget about the band and I ate too fast.  I felt like I was going to throw up but mustered everything I had not to and just tried to breathe through it.  It was very uncomfortable but did pass in a minute.  I can imagine what real food would do......YIKES!  Good lesson though.

So I didnt sleep real well.  I was up every few hours to pee and at one point waited too long for medicine and hurt.
This morning when I got up I could really tell how I was swollen at the top of my stomach.  It is rather uncomfortable when I stand, it feels like it swells more.  I wear the binding which helps tons though.

We gathered up our stuff and went and got my mom.  We got home around 1 and I told my husband to go to walmart cause my mom needed fruit and I wanted some popsicles and french onion soup (thought it would be good).  Been taking my pain meds as directed and right now feeling ok, course Im sitting on my butt.

One thing I have to say is how much I love my husband and son.  They made a point to not bring any food into the motel from their trips to the fast food places.......they didnt want me to have to smell it.  How sweet huh. 

Ok, here is a couple pics my husband took of me night before surgery

Not great pics but wow, look at the cottage cheese......Yuck!

I will post more when I remember what I forgot lol


  1. The day before I had surgery we had a major major ice storm. My hospital was 1.5 hours from where I live. So we took off to a hotel. By the time we made it to the hotel...the storm was in full blast and nothing was open..I had not had a thing except for broth for a few days. It is 9pm at night. Surgery MIGHT be canceled due to storm and the only food place open for my husband was a pizza place right next door. So off he went and brought back an entire pizza! He felt so guilty! But not enough to not eat!! Ha.

  2. I love the surgery stories, everyone's experiences are so different. :) Glad you made it through okay.

    (Sorry to be reading this so late after you posted!)