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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh my dear emotions....

They desperately want me to feed them, my emotions that is.  There was a few times this weekend when I felt down and boy oh boy did I just want to eat. 

This week I haven't cooked the best things cause I have been working late and when I get home I need to make something fast.  One night I made spagetti, next night chili and last night I brought home pizza cause I worked again.  I have some great meals planned out, I just need to perhaps prepare for them.  I need to suck it up and know that I have to make these meals even tho I am tired.

I made a new ticker.  It is keeping track of my inches lost.  I am excited to see that.

So I am ready to tackle my week but as of right now I am swollen.  I am retaining water pretty bad.  So for the next couple of days I am going to concentrate on drinking lots of water and watching my meals.  I want my weigh-in on Wed to be good.  I know as of right now I am up a couple of pounds.

I am really close to making my decision about surgery.  I am still looking for your stories.  Why did you choose the band over bypass?

I am so grateful for the responses so far and am very grateful for those that support whatever decision I choose to make (you know who you are).

So here we go Blogger friends, lets get this week going!


  1. Good Morning! I so have weeks where my best laid plans got to the trash can! I have been trying to keep more things premade in the freezer. Especially because in the summer we are always in such a hurry around here. Like stuff to make tacos (ground chicken or turkey). I make a load and freeze it. With the band I CAN eat taco shells but I choose to just make a bowls out of the meat and veggies.

    Why I chose the band over bypass: First of all I wasn't a good runner up for bypass. I didn't have tons of comorbitites. Second it was way to invasive. I could always remove the band the surgery wasn't as dangerous and I wouldn't have (in my opinion) real issues with the food I was eating in regards to vitamens.

    I am not saying that this is the case in every bypass patient but everyone I met seriously looked ill. Like they lost so much weight so face that their body looked gaunt. I know 3 personally that I feel this way about. Out of those three people I know 2 are back to not really caring about what they eat and they are gaining again.

    Now with the band I didn't know anyone personally. That was a con. BUT the blogs here really changed my mind. They were women just like me. Hard workers just like me. Didn't want a quick fix but a whole life style change just like me. And they had results just like I would want and AM having.

    I was nervous but over all really excited and 4 months out I would do it over in a heart beat!

  2. I eat foods like spaghetti, pizza, and chili all the time and I don't feel a bit bad about them. I believe all foods are acceptable in moderation (and I've lost 111 lbs. eating this way). Don't beat yourself about it. I think you're doing great!

  3. I hate it when emotions are hungry. I hope that you get an answer that you are comfortable with.

  4. You're doing so great with your weight loss, I wish I had some good advice, but you know how I like to stay neutral about these things! lol jk jk I honestly do think you and your doctor will come up with whatever is best for you, whether it's the band or bypass you'll do amazing.

    I personally chose lapband because of the no dumping syndrome, still being able to eat the things I love, and it's adjustable. I was also worried about things like being able to get enough nutrition if I ever got pregnant again. But, I'm 23 so my reasons are also as shallow as I didn't want to lose too much too fast because I didn't want to have anymore loose skin than necessary. :)

    You're doing great avoiding trigger foods, as is obvious by the great losses you're having!