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Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm so confused! Help!

I thought I knew what I wanted.  I thought I knew I wanted the band.  Now I am having doubts.  Don't get me wrong, I want weight loss surgery but am I seriously considering the bypass?  Yes, my dear blog (and friends) I am.  First of all I guess I had some pre-conceived ideas about the bypass even before I went to the seminar.  I was against it.  I thought it was too drastic.  I thought it wasn't for me. 

My husband and I were actually really suprised to learn that the bypass was completely reversable.  I did not know that.  I remember thinking at the seminar that the bypass was not as bad as I had thought.  Ok but here is the kicker.  I don't remember if I knew this or not...........i know, sounds weird, dont lose me now..........but for some reason I had this idea that the bypass was a regular surgery NOT Laproscopically done.  Today when I was at a new clients house, a girl from my church that I actually didn't know, I talked with her.  I had heard she had the bypass so I told her I was thinking about the Lap band and then we talked and she showed me her "lap" scars.  I was totally suprised.  Did I know the bypass was done laproscopically?  I dont think so.  What is wrong with me?  Why did this bit of info not sink in?  One of the biggest reasons why I wanted the Lap band was because I didn't want to be out for too long.  I needed to get a job (got one, yay) and so I need to be out as little as possible.

I dont want to say that I am for sure one way or the other but with the bypass I wont have to mess with fills or possible slippage.  I know I will have other things to worry about but not after I am healed.  I mean we all will have to take vitamins and still make sure we get proper nutrition.

Oh, dear blog, I am so confused.  I dont know what I want.  I need to seriously think about this.

I welcome any input from my dear bandster friends.  What made you decide on the Band?


  1. I feel like the main thing that made me decide to go for the band was the fact that it was reversible. And no dumping syndrome. (I'm a sweet-aholic after all!)

    If I had known bypass was reversible I probably STILL wouldn't have gotten it just because I wanted the freedom to overeat sometimes (lol, that's horrible) but you do what you have to do, sweetie! :) We'll support you no matter what you choose!

  2. I think bypass is a good option for some people. I considered it myself.

    The thing that made me choose the lapband in the end was the adjustability. I look at fills as a pro, not a con, and this is why: with the bypass, what's done at surgery is done. You lose what you're going to lose at the rate that you lose it. And then, if you have trouble with maintenance, you gain what you're going to gain. I like that if I have a period where I mess up and gain, I can get an adjustment and start losing again without having to revise to another surgery. I've seen other lapbanders who have gained almost all of the weight they initially lost-- and then they started over again with fills and are losing it all again. Now of course I hope I don't ever have to do that, but I know with the band it is possible. With the bypass, if you gain it all back you have to have another, different surgery.

  3. I went with it because I get to choose what level of help I need. My dad had the bypass done and he got sick and unless he had it completly reversed he had no option on getting more food in him. At least with the band if something happens and I need to be able to eat more I can do that without having the whole expensive thing reversed. That was a major plus for me.

  4. I know several people who've had RnY with varying degrees of success. For me the adjustable quality of the band was the selling point. I knew my enthusiasm for dieting would wane and the fact that I can go get a fill if I need it means I don't ever have to "go off" my diet. It was also cheeper.