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Friday, April 8, 2011

Consultation appt.

Had my consultation with surgeon's office today.  It was rather strange and my mind was going 100 mph.  I have a ton of things to do now (as you all know).  I have a "million dollar blood tests" to do and all the other tests to schedule.  So I will have to call my primary dr and my this is a funny one.  I have to call my gyno to double check if i still have my cervix....yeah.  lol  Last year I had a vaginal hysterectomy and I was pretty certain they just left my ovaries but then why would the office be calling me to have a pap smear....hmm Maybe they are confused cause they actually had to refer me to another dr to get the surgery so maybe they just dont have all the facts.  IF I dont have my cervix then I dont need to have any more paps.........sounds good to me.  

I found out that my insurance doesn't require the 6 month diet, which is good I guess.  Really, now it is all up to me how fast I get this done.  

Now for my confession..... After we left office we decided to eat (2:30pm)  We hit Carl's Jr and we both had a taco salad.  While I was eating it I told my husband that it wasnt hitting the spot and I knew I would want something else.  I left a few bits and told my husband how a shake sounded good.  He said he wanted one too.  So we agreed we would not eat anything else today because in this one visit we had consumed enough calories for a whole day.  As soon as I had one slurp of the shake I knew I couldve had that instead of the so-called salad and been satisfied, not that I am recommending ever doing that.  I never have shakes or ice cream.  Weird how when you are out of town you tend to "treat" yourself to things you wouldn't allow at home.

Now it is 8 pm and I am seriously still full.  I am very glad about that.  I don't want to throw away all the good I have been doing lately.  I wont! 

Well, happy friday.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. horray for the consult. your day will be here b4 you know it.

  2. I am so glad things are starting to move for you!