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Friday, October 7, 2011

Bad Week

So I made it to the gym once this week.......not good.  Boy it really helped when my son was going to practice.  He started wrestling this week, well, one practice so that is when I went.  Last night he could have gone but he had lots of homework.  I also got a call from the councelor's office.  His Spanish teacher wants a conference.  Yes I am not thrilled.  My son's grades are not very good right now.  He has a terrible time being organized and lost his binder for Spanish and really hates that class so I know he kinda gave up.  Well, I talked and talked and talked with him.  Sometimes I feel like I am turning blue from trying to figure out how to motivate him.  I told him he has 2 weeks to improve his grades or wrestling is out.  I hope that works.

So besides no regular gym visits and a bit too much snacking I am up 1.5 pounds.  My mom's mom (oma) passed away on tuesday too.  I know my mom is not looking forward to weighing in.  I feel bad for her.  I know that when I am home all day all I want to do is snack and she is home all the time.  She has been making beanies and scarfs though.  I hope she doesnt get tired of making them.  I like to buy her yarn.  I like that she is getting into something.

I wish I had more time but I got to get my son up.  I will have to drive him to school again cause he missed the bus.  I let him sleep.  He has been staying up too late this week.  Next week will be different.

Have a great weekend friends!

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