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Friday, October 21, 2011

Amazing week

Last week sucked because I had to work so hard at losing the few pounds I had gained over the weekend.  When I approached this week I was determined not to make the same mistake.  By Monday morning I was down a pound so I did great over the weekend.  This week has been an exhausting one.  I have one more house to clean today which will make 8 for the week.  Today's house is huge and it will take me 6-7 hours.  I am shooting for 6 but its usually 7.

What I am totally learning from having the Band is that it is still really hard work.  If you want an easy way to lose weight go for the bypass.  I still have to pick my food very carefully, eat slow (still a problem) and only serve myself a small portion (yes, I can eat alot).  I know the band is there and working cause i have had a few stuck moments that are very uncomfortable.  It happened when I ate something too fast or didnt chew well enough.

But I have to say that the thing that has helped me the most this week is not snacking in between meals.  So simple but so profound!  I am down 5.5 pounds this week.  Yes, it is true lol but i have to say that it has taken soooo much willpower.  Like last night I made chili size (hamburgers open faced with chili on top) but no I did not have that.  I just had a small bowl of chili.  For lunch i had a smart ones meal and breakfast was some steel cut oatmeal.  Oh and I did have a banana in between breakfast and lunch.

So as of today I am down 49.5 pounds! UUUHHHHMAZING.  I wish it was .5 more so I could shout 50 down 50 down! but i will wait lol

Have a fabulous weekend friends!


  1. Get yourself something nice to celebrate 50 down!!

  2. 50 lbs and it feels good doesn't it!!