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Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  Ours was nice.  We had it here at our house.  I tried a few recipes I had found and they were a hit.  I was very happy with my eating but it was strange that my stomach kind of hurt after I ate.  Hard to explain.  It wasn't like anything got stuck but I just felt an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach.  It went away after about a half hour or so.

Today is a different story.  Today is Black Friday but I will have no part in that (except online) cause I really hate shopping with tons of people around and then to have the madness that ensues is ugly so, no thank you.  So, what have I dont today?  Well, not a lot.  I have watched movies, fb'd and even took a nap. Oh wait wait, I have also eaten.  I am not happy about my choices today or I should say my serving sizes.  I always regret it later, just wish I could control myself at the time.  I seriously need to learn control.

I gained a pound also, no big deal.  Probably another one today but I will get it under control.  I just need to get back to work.  Being home is a killer for me.  As much as I want to have a few days off, the idle time at home usually ends in overeating.  I know I know, keep busy but I dont really feel like doing anything.  I wish I felt like quilting but I really dont.

I have had some people compliment me on my weight loss so that is real nice.  Oh, and I fit into some size 20 jeans that i had put away when I moved on to 22's.  I kinda need to go through my clothes again but i dont feel like ive changed THAT much yet.  Maybe in another 10-20 pounds. 
Peace out

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  1. I know what you mean about overeating on days that you are home. I seem to most of my damage when I am working from home.