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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bad Bad Tanya.....or was it?

I am guilty of eating birthday cake ALL weekend! A bite hear and a bite there.  Ok, at my son's birthday I was supposed to be on creamy liquids so I blended up some of my chili and that was ok.  A little later when everyone was happily eating cake i decided to ......Yep, blend it.  I made a cake shake.  I actually only hade a couple sips and decided it wasnt worth it.  I wasnt enjoying it.  So later that night I had a sliver and then the rest of the weekend a bite hear a couple bites get the idea.  Even at church sunday night when I was on soft foods I had some upside down cake.  Yes, this weekend was one of those.  But happily I didn't eat too much more I GUESS cause my weight was same as on Friday morning (weigh-in)  Hallelujah!

Today I am officially onto regular foods.  I actually put a crock pot of beans on last night so this morning I made my son and I a couple eggs and a spoon of beans......yum......BUT I didnt feel too great after.  I ate too fast.  Trying to get my son out the door to make it to the bus in the morning is sometimes very rushed and I did eat too fast.  I have to drive him down the road to the bus stop.

I really must go now and prepare something for when I am at work today.  I have one house to clean and it usually takes me 6 hours.  Have a terrific Tuesday friends!


  1. My biggest issues are from eating to fast! 9 months out and I still have problems with it!

    That puppy pic is so cute!

  2. Bad Tanya! lol

    I told ya I'd be giving you hell after you were banded. >:D

  3. i miss cake! a bite here and there just never satisfies though!