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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

I am feeling pretty awesome today despite the fact that I am up like 5 pounds! Yes, I am but i know exactly why.  Last night I had a spicy shrimp cup soup which has tons of sodium.  I didnt drink ALL of the broth but 2/3.  I have to be very good today.  I already took a water pill.  I have my appt tomorrow.  I pray I will get a fill.  I do feel like I get hungry sooner that I should.

So, yes I am feeling pretty good today.  I have a house to clean and some shopping for another client today.  I think it will be a good day.  It is also nice that school is back in session so my houses are usually empty now and easier to clean.

My son is turning 15 this thursday.  Seems crazy but true.  We are having a little party on Friday full of the cheap staples hot dogs, chili beans, nachos and cake.  I am kinda hoping that if I do get a fill I will be put on liquids for a few days and so I wont be as tempted.  Guess I will know tomorrow.

Well, I better go for now.  Have a great week!


  1. Just drink plenty of water, you'll be back down plus more by the end of the week. No sweat, my friend. :)

  2. Yes, drink water like it is your job today.