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Monday, September 19, 2011

Houston, we have a problem!

Weekend started off really well.  I cleaned up my closet (its a walk-in) on Friday night, yeah, im wild like that.  Saturday morning I managed to cut grass in yard in a part that was outgrowing the rest due to laundry water run-off.  I kind of gave up after that cause I really didn't want to do much on my day off.  I did have to make a run to Costco for a few items THEN I was done.  I took a nap and in the evening planned on watching a movie with family.  Unfortunately my son's friend hadn't left yet and so it was just me, husband and my mom watching it. 

So are you wondering where the frustration came from.  During the movie my mom went to kitchen and I seen her mixing something (kitchen and livingroom are open design) and so I asked her what she was doing.  We already had plenty for dinner!  My husband got up and said "She is making a cake".  "But, no frosting" she says (yeah just sprinkled heavily with powdered sugar)  Hmm... so IM THINKING UGGHHH but oh yeah, cake! Within the next 15 hours I proceeded to eat between 3-4 pieces.  But before the night was over she even apologized for making the cake.  She knows I have a problem.  So we move on to Sunday morning.  We are all in the car and going to church.  My mom says that every weekend she is going to bake something and next weekend it will be cinnamon rolls.  Oh boy.  First thing I think of is wow, something new to blog about.  But on the bright side I have one week to prepare myself.

What would you do to prepare for this challenge?

I have learned that I cant have thing around the house that I love.  If I buy chips it is a kind I dont care for and if I buy cookies (hardly ever) then I certainly dont buy the soft chewy chocolate chip kind.   I dont feel deprived if it isnt around.  But when something is around I am powerless.

Hopefully she will change her mind and not make them.  Ok, I better get going.


  1. Out of site out of mind! Perhaps put them some place where you can't see them?

  2. I am such a sucker for cakes/pastries! I know that its my weakness. I have to get back in business. lol

  3. I am not sure what the relationship is between you two but maybe just ask her to please NOT make them and support you?????

  4. I'd find a good protein shake recipe that tastes like a million calories and satisfies the cravings. Also, your mom is pretty much on my poop list right now.