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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 Months Post Op

Wow, Ok guess I shouldve straightened up before the pic huh?  J/k.  I was actually sorting some laundry to do.  lol   I dont particularly like the side of me that makes excuses for something good instead of just embracing it but in this picture I am wearing workout clothes (that I dont work out in, rather I sleep in on occasion) and these shorts are slimming so there is a bulge her and there.  Ugh!  Ok, well its not like I was wearing spanx but you understand.  I have appeared to have lost more inches than actual pounds and that is fine with me.  I know that is more important and actually us as women lose more inches due to all the fat. ugh   So below is the picture the night before surgery and todays pic.  It might be hard to tell due to location but if you see a difference please tell me.  I would love to hear that. (dont we all)

The shorts in the first pic are not the same, rather my husbands lounge shorts with pockets.
Im thinking I should wear the black workout shorts under all my clothes in lieu of spanx, they are much more comfortable.  lol

I think I might go make some more pics with the same clothes and same place and then we will see the difference.  I have some pics from when I first started losing and that would be even more noticable.  I still have so much to lose but I know I am on the way.

Yesterday a client made my day when he said I looked great.  He hadnt seen me in 2 months and said he really notices the difference.  That was so great to hear and really helped me the rest of the day to watch my self.  Everyday is a struggle especially when I am home.  All I want to do is eat.  Ugh, hate that.  :(


  1. Yep, you are definitely losing inches! You're going to be like me and lose in your boobs/arms first, I think :)

  2. I can so see it!! If you snack snack on protein...