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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Needles, Birthday and broth

Made a quick drive up to San Diego to see the doctor (actually seen the assistant) and gave them a progress report.  Oh, and I hate their scale!  Nothing was mentioned about my weight loss, she just plugged in my measurement #'s and showed me on computer where I was at.  I have lost a few inches.  She then asked about how I was eating and what I could eat.  I told her I could eat anything and I always stop before I actually want to UGH.  She then asked me if I wanted 1cc, 1 1/2 cc or 2 cc.......ummm 2, she said ok, then I said "wait, let me ask that being too aggressive?" and she said no, that I knew my body and let me have it *poke*.  She then told me that I have to do 2 days of clear, 2 days of creamy and 2 days of soft food.  Did I mention that I was throwing a birthday party for my son tomorrow? umm NO, I did not, she might have hesitated.  She had me down a shot of water and told me that I might burp, so here I was feeling like I needed to burp on command and I couldnt.  She said that was good and if the fill was too much then she would know by now..........water out nose or something like that  lol.

So I drove my starving self all the way back home.  I hit the GNC for some strawberry protein cause it was last day of sale and then I had to go to Walmart for some sewing needles and mop for client and then to Costco for a few other things.  I also had to go to Parent night at my school.  Talk about a day Im glad was over.  I ended up having like 3 cans of broth, pretty tasty with a little spices.

Today is my son's birthday and he is playing a game in San Diego.  I wont be able to make it *sucks* but I have another dr appt and two jobs to do today.  I hope the broth I take with me will keep me going.  Hmm, my rockstar lemonade is clear lol.  Last night I joked with my husband "wine is clear" but I dont think he thought that was funny.  Sometimes I think my husband thinks im weird.  lol

Oh and my husband is trying real hard this week to have a good weigh in tomorrow but he also is giving in to the chili and nachos im making for the party.  He loves it........oh yeah I would too  ughh  no no, dont feel bad for me, im glad i got fill and on restricted diet.......makes me feel in control.  Ok, gotta run for now, have a great weekend all.


  1. My husband totally thinks I am weird too. We can be weird together because I think wine counts a liquids too.

  2. don't u love it when your dr says nothing about ur weight loss?? LAME-O!

  3. New follower here. I was banded right before you on 7/21 ... first fill tomorrow and I'm going to a party on Saturday. I feel your pain !

  4. I hate broth!!!!!! I live on jello when I am on clears. You are doing a great job!