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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PCP is starting paperwork!

So yesterday was my appointment and I was ready for it.  I had my Lap Band brochure, a list of diet books I have read, 3 hypnosis, Nutrisystem, Alli, phentermine and I even quit diet soda.  This was an impressive list.  I was ready to plead my case to my doctor.  She is actually the Physician Assistant but she takes care of me.  The primary doctor is an arrogant man with no bedside manner whatsoever.  I explained that I had tried all those things to lose weight and nothing worked in the long run.  I do believe that they all would work if I didnt have an addiction to food problem.  Of course we all know that we should be eating properly, smaller portions and excercising..........duh.......but for those of us that have a serious addition to food it isnt so easy to just put down the fork or get out and move.  I told my doctor that I want to do so much but my body is zapped of energy.  She perscribed me a new anti-depressant but I really dont need that.  I am under stress but not so much depressed.....well, except when I look at myself in the mirror naked.  Anyways, she said the the Dr (primary) pushed for the Lap Band; she wasnt as gunho for it but she listened to me.  I told her that I have researched the procedure and even seen the surgery online on You tube.  She said ok.  So the nurse took my information (I had a list of drs from the letter I got) and she said within 10-18 days the insurance will approve it and then I will get referred to the surgeon for a consultation.
When I called my insurance a couple weeks ago I asked it there was a waiting period like 3 or 6 months before a surgery he said it didnt appear if I am lucky things will move along rather quickly.
I am beyond excited.  I seriously need to get myself into a healthier state.  My mom is in the hospital and I am going to end up like that if I dont do something now.  Scary thing is, I have been having lots of headaches lately and when I was at the docs office my blood pressure was high.  They had me lay down and it finally went down.  Well, this morning I woke up with the headache and I checked my bp.  It was 171/101.  Not good.  I checked it a few times and it was high.  I took one of my moms pills and cut it in half.  In the afternoon I was feeling bad again and it was high again, this time I took a whole one.  I dont usually like to take medicine that wasnt perscribed to me but i was desperate.  I feel better.
So, the process has begun............Hallelujah!..............Did I mention that I do believe God has answered my prayers.  I prayed so much for God to help me with my weight problem.........and now this is going on.  God is Great!


  1. God is great! I just had my Lap-Band surgery 4 days ago and I am now in the healing process with a clear liquid diet to boot. This will be a great journey for you and I hope that you will find every ounce of support you can find. LapBandTalk is a great place but take the advice with a grain of salt. Good luck on your journey and I know you will succeed!