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Friday, January 28, 2011


I'm sure you are all like me and like to get a good deal.  I love hitting the 99 cent stores and looking for a bargain.  There is one store in particular I really like that even carries produce and food.  Some of the best deals I have found from there is sugar free international coffees (you know the ones that are just under $4) and these little varmints.....

They carry other flavors like strawberry (for energy) and green tea.  So if you can check out your local $.99 cent only store and see if you can find some.  I know its only a dollar savings each but it sure does add up.  My husband and son both use them too cause we have cut out soda in our house about 95%.

Thanks for the advice on my last post and welcome welcome welcome to my new followers.  I love to follow you all too.  Have a fabulous weekend dear friends.


  1. I LOVE Crystal Light, have you ever tried the Wild Strawberry? Best. Flavor. Ever! :D

  2. I love the doller store, always find great things. I am right where you are now. One of the women at work and I are getting ready to try the band. She is ahead of me, but here the dr is requiring her to do a sleep apnia test, then see someone to talk about what will happen to hear and people around her once she starts losing weight. Not sure after that what else will be needed before they even will send off for approvel of the insurance.

    If you do change, I bet it will be for the better and you will see it in a happier, less stressed person. I know how it is to not have the house to yourself, my grown kids live with me, so I am never alone either.

    I am going to keep readying your blog and hope you keep it up so that I can bug you with questions :)