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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Should I start???

So I called my doctor's office yesterday and the nurse called me back a couple hours later.  She assured me that they would call me as soon as they know.  Irish Lassey and Amber, you both can imagine her telling me that with a sigh like "chill out woman".  I felt silly but I know I couldn't have been the first to call and want to know.  So I went to bed that night praying to God that they would call me today but no call.  Well, tomorrow is friday.  Boy wouldnt a call with an approval make my weekend so much better?  If I dont get a call it will be ok.  I have a busy weekend planned.  My son wants me to take him and a couple of his friends to the mall in the evening (great excuse for me to see a movie) and Saturday I am going to an event at a local church.  A speaker - Joanne Wallace and it is an 8-4 thing and of course church on sunday.

Something else I was contemplating and would like your feedback on.  If you have had the surgery already did you go on a diet or I should say, did you start your new eating habits before the surgery (besides the pre-op diet)?  I am just wondering if I should start working out again and start staying away from the bad foods, to get used to the idea.  I actually weighed myself this morning and I lost 3 pounds.  So I am 278 now, which is still a huge number.

I am actually dreading going back to the gym, not because I dont want to work out but because I have gained weight since I last went.  I had to put a hold on my account last Oct cause we were really broke and as of this month it is back to charging my checking account.  So yes, I am an idiot for not going yet this month but since Oct I have gained probably 20-30 pounds and I am soooo embarrassed.  The person I hate the most to see is the personal trained I actually worked with a year ago.  I feel like such a disappointment.  The gym I go to is a womans gym but they do have men trainers, which i think is fine.  I have a picture of what I looked like when I worked with him.....after 3 months I had only lost like 15 pounds but I know I gained muscle.  In this picture I was dressed and ready to hit the gym when my son said "Mom, you look skinny, let me take a picture"  I was happy that day.  I put on a top I have for at least 10 years and never worn cause I didnt have the right arms.  I didnt feel skinny cause I was still obese but man how I would like to look like that right now.  Here is the picture....

A part of me wants to wait to lose some weight before I go back to the gym but that just sounds absurd!  I hate caring what people think.  It is my downfall.

I took some pictures the other day with just a sports bra and underwear on and I will eventually post them but I just cant right now.  It is too painful for even me to see.

Thanks again for following me and again let me know if you think I should start some sort of diet.  I do have protein powder already.  Can you tell I am ready to go???


  1. Hey, I nominated you for an award. Come check it out on my blog.

  2. Hi, new follower, just wanted to comment and say:

    Don't ever feel embarrassed about going to the gym, even if you have gained, because that's what the trainers are there for! He'll just be glad you're back and ready to get back on a healthy path. :)

    Oh, and I know how you feel about the waiting, I had to for about a week just to find out they don't even cover WLS at all. Bullpoop.

    I hope you feel comfortable posting your pictures soon, because I know for some of us it'd be a real inspiration to see a woman being honest about her body, I've been considering doing the same thing.

  3. Hi Tanya,
    I know its hard to be patient, checking the phone daily waiting for "the call"! As for the shakes, wait for the call! I started really early and was so sick to my stomach come surgery time, I didn't want to even look at another protein shake!
    I refused to take any kind of pics with any skin showing. I have 1 photo, that I think shows how fat my face was and I get disgusted!
    You should definately hit the gym. Especially if you have time and money! I have no time... and no money! So I do my work outs at home!

    Keep busy and try not to think about "THE CALL"! LOL I know harder said than done!...

  4. I say call your insurance people instead of bugging your doc's office. That's what I did, and I got the OK the day it happened too! Then I called the surgeon's office and they scheduled me. They tried putting me at the end of Feb., but I asked for a week sooner. I am impatient.

    Go for the gym! Better to break your body in now than after the surgery. Good Luck!

  5. My surgery date was Jan12th and I really wish I had started dieting and eating better before I had to start my two week pre-op diet on Dec. was Christmas and I ate like it was my last week on earth...gained 10lbs. Even though I lost 23lbs pre-op, I feel ripped off because 10 of those were new. I wish I had done it my advice is start now.

  6. I didn't really start eating differently or exercising prior to my preop diet (which ended up being 3 weeks). It didn't make the preop diet harder for me, but its always good to get a jump start on things, especially exercise. It wasn't until this past September that I really got serious about working out. I do wish I had worked on my relationship with food and my head issues with food before getting banded. I'm going to therapy now for binge eating disorder and it wouldve been helpful to do prior to surgery. For me, the band doesn't help with my binge eating (and there are tons of foods that one can binge on that go right through the band).