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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I just want to be a lady

Yesterday I went to the women's conference and it was great.  I met a nice girl from that church and we hit it off real well.  I could really use a friend so I am hoping this will turn into a good friendship.  She sat a few chairs down from me and we shared tissue and chatted.  She doesn't have a weight problem and I couldn't help but be very envious of how she could cross her legs.  Man oh man how I wish I could do that.  I have never been able to do that.  Well, except for several years ago but I would have to basically sit on one butt cheek, lean over and then kinda hold my knee........very sexy look.  haha .  Yeah, so that is one of my skinny goals.  I will have to make a post just about skinny goals, but later.

So I am excited.  This week the doctor has to call me, no doubt about it.  Then I will have to make an appointment to meet surgeon in San Diego, which is little less than 2 hour drive.  Nice drive though, I dont mind it.

I have also made a goal to get my big butt back to the gym.  Did I mention that I have a bubble butt??  yeah, I have always had a big butt................ Ok, back to thought.  I am making the goal to get to the gym 3 times this week.  I might just get on eliptical or walk but I dont know about the weights yet.  I am so out of shape.  aarrgghh!  I need courage to get back dear friends.  I am going to be so scared walking in there.  Sounds stupid but I know I am not the first to be intimidated.

So here is to an exciting new week.  I hope you all are doing well.  I love reading your blogs.  I think I am hooked on blogging.  Keep it up friends!


  1. I was kind of intimidated when I went back to the gym, but I picked a gym with a lot of people doing the same things I was (overweight, looking to get crazy muscle shirts or anything :P) and I realized there wasn't anything to be scared of! You will do great so don't worry about a thing!

    Also, I remember when I first started being able to cross my legs (that was always a source of insecurity for me), it was a great feeling. You will get there girl!!

  2. You'll be crossing those legs in no time! I know how you feel about the going to the gym, though. I'm thinking about joining Curves when I get my tax return, and maybe it'll help that it's an all-woman gym. :) Just a little food for thought!

  3. LOL! That is one of my skinny goals too. Or to be able to just sit comfortably. I work out at home with weights and an elliptical because of time and three kids but I used to go to a gym and I totally understand!

  4. I hate going to the gym, I find it intimidating too...I always think people are looking at me and making comments in their head like 'ya, you BETTER be working out at the gym!!!"