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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back to the Gym

I am happy to report that I made it to the gym today.  I meant to go yesterday but got a headache.  I don't know about you but I get lots of headaches.  Migraines have been increasing too about 2 a month now.  I know when I lose weight it will get better.  Anyway, yes, I made it to the gym today.  I went about noon which meant that it was almost empty and no trainer to avoid.  I walked at a brisk speed for 25 minutes and did a little with the weights.  It felt nice.  Since I have been the last time they got new treadmills and they are really nice.  I put on my Ipod and watched some Pride and Prejudice.........ok, dont make fun of me.  I love that movie though and didnt have any great music on my Ipod since I accidentally erased it.  

Yesterday I called the Medical Care Group that has to approve my surgery and asked if they had.  At first she said "Yes, just today"  then she said "oh wait, its pending"  but she gave me the surgeons name that they use.  I called his office cause I wanted to know if it takes a while to get an appointment.  The receptionist told me I have to go the seminar so I registered for that.  Unfortunately, that isn't until the 23rd of this month.  So, I have to wait 3 weeks for that.  I'm wondering if I should call and find out about other tests I can have done until then.  What do you think????

I will have the surgery in San Diego which is about 2 hours away.  It is a nice drive though.  

Love you all and thanks for commenting.


  1. Yay I'm so glad you went back to the gym!! Wonderful!

    As far as the seminar, I think the way it worked with my surgeon's office was that you had to go to a seminar before you could schedule the initial consultation with the surgeon. And then after you had your consultation, you could start doing the preop testing. But it may be different at all different offices. You should call and check. The worst that could happen is they could say you have to wait for the seminar. Let us know what happens!!

  2. You may want to wait tell after your seminar. there have been about 3 woman form where I work do this and each of them had to do different test depening on how they answered on health questions.. no point in paying for one you dont need and having to do extras you didnt know about. I thought of the same thing tell I heard this.

  3. COngrats on hittin the gym. Call up the Dr.'s office and see what other tests you may need so you can hopefully get them out of the way. I had so many seminars and classes to take before I could even meet the surgeon. It took about 9 months for me. So good luck..hope they approve it soon.

  4. Sounds like a great workout! I was self pay and went out of country so I didn't have to do all the seminars and stuff. I hope everything goes well.