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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday and Incentive Plan

Lost one pound this week, not bad considering I had a run in with some cookie dough last week ~Darn it!~ but I did really well yesterday.  I drank all my water...yah....applause...woo hoo... and I didnt snack after dinner which was a big deal.  I have always craved a sweet after a meal.  In fact I just told my hubby a few days ago that I think I was conditioned to have a sweet after meals due to always having them growing up.  It was so funny, last night soon after dinner I could hear my mom asking my son if he had any valentine's chocolate left that she could have....LOL....I had to chuckle when I heard that.  I too was craving something but I told myself I wouldn't snack after dinner.  One of the last things I said to my husband as he dozed off was how happy I was that I didn't snack........ OK wait a minute...I just recalled that I woke up in the middle of the night and had a sugar free pudding.  Umm, can we not count that?? At least it was a better choice than a bowl of cereal or PB&J sandwich.

I am debating on whether or not to go to the gym today.  I am almost over my cold.  I also have to do the grocery shopping today and take my son to Youth night tonight, so hmmm, guess I will decide after a shower.

So, I have decided to reward each and every pound.  You might recall me mentioning how it was tough to get back to the gym to face a certain trainer, well, I did and he was just glad I was back.  I also, not sure why, but I asked him if he has ever trained someone with Lap Band before and he said Yes.  I mentioned I was possibly getting it.  So that was interesting.  I trained with him for three months last year and loved it.  So I have decided that for every pound I lose I am going to put $5 in a jar to save up for training sessions.  Pretty great idea if I do say so myself.


  1. That is an awesome idea. trainers can get expensive.

    I have issues with snacking after dinner too. It sucks trying to stay out of the kitchen.

  2. Snacking after dinner is my biggest problem!! I've begun knitting again - just to keep my hands out of the fridge!

    I love the five dollar idea!!

  3. I am syill snacking after dinner but I make sre its something somewhat healthy or just has low calories.. Like frozen grapes or the 100 pack chocolate pretzels. Plus I have chocolate covered strawberries that my hubby got me for Valentines day that I have not finished yet! lol!!! They are about 45 calories each.. help me finish them! ahh!! :) And great idea about the $5/lb lost.. I may have to try that myself..

  4. Great idea! When I get snacky for something sweet I drink water with crystal lite in it.

  5. Great idea for putting away money for lbs! Just wait til you get banded, you'll be out a ton of money!

    So glad you made it back to the gym, I knew he'd be happy to see you again. :)

  6. Hi Tanya, I just found your blog and wanted to stop by. I had lap-band surgery last February in Mexico and have lost 106.4 lbs. I am now at goal. I really would encourage you to make it happen! It is wonderful. Come on by my blog at