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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday and Seminar

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I lost one more pound! Yay!  Probably couldv'e been a bit more but I ate a bit of food late last night.  My head was hurting all day and I needed to take some ibuprofen so I ate, not that I didn't want to eat, I always want to eat.  This last week has been a challenge but I did really well, I am proud of myself.  I also made dinners from the Low fat meals at  I am soooo impressed how great they taste.  I will post a recipe when I have more time.

Today my husband and I are traveling to San Diego for the seminar.  It is a beautiful drive about 2 hours over and through some mountains.  I am looking forward to getting out of the valley.  Unfortunately I am going empty handed (no consultation authorization) so I will not be able to make an appointment with surgeon.  I guess they don't do that immediately anyway so hopefully I can ask someone if I can fax it or whatever.  I am not really sure how that works.


  1. Yay for E-mealz! I am so glad you like it. Yay for 1 pound lost! That's one more pound lost FOREVER! Have fun on the road trip!

  2. Have fun at the seminar. I'm sorry your authorization is taking SO long, but it'll come! Congrats on the pound, you're doing so much more amazingly on your own than I ever could have. :) You'll have your band in no time.