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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope everyone is enjoying their day.  My husband took me to see "Just Go With It".  It was good.  Besides that my day isn't all that great.  I am still sick, had to take mom to the ER cause of asthma attack and now I have a headache.  I now have to do some laundry or my dear son wont have his favorite "slim straight" jeans to wear to school which will be traumatic for him.

I have decided to make Wednesdays my "Weigh-In Wednesday".  I hope I dont forget........Oh who am I kidding......if you are anything like me you think about food, my weight, my next meal, the scale all the time.  I know this is probably not healthy but perhaps someday in the distant future when I have reached my goal and have learned to naturally maintain my goal weight then I wont be so obsessed with these things.  We shall see......

What is so cool nowadays is that I have come to consider you all my blogger friends.  I have mentioned to my husband "I am gonna do like my blogger friends and .....".  It is so cool.  I read you blogs everyday.  I know some are struggling like me and some are newly banded and trying to work the band and some are in maintenance (ok, maybe only one of those) but I love you all and really do care for you all.  We may never actually get to meet in person but that's ok.......guess technology isnt all that bad huh?

So for this week my will be as follows:

1.  64 oz water a day
2.  no fast food  AND I MEAN IT!
3.  make it to gym 2 times (hope cold is gone by wed)

Ok, so that isnt so much.  Just taking in that amount of water has been a challenge so I need to concentrate on that.  So, let's get to work!


  1. Those are great goals for the week! I agree about blogger friends, I love having a support group that understands where I have been and where I am going! Get better.

  2. Glad you chose a day to weigh in instead of every day, it's really been important for my psyche. I always talk about my blogger friends, too! My friends are kinda sick of it, I think...especially since I haven't let hardly any of them read my blog! lol

    The water drinking is a great idea, I'm doing a water challenge and it's really helped me be accountable for my water intake! :)

  3. I love the goals Tanya! Water is not that bad.. I often use crystal light to flavor it! But since I had surgery I have a difficult time with the lemonades! To acidy for me :(