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Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's up so far......

Ok, maybe I am not that frustrated.  I called the Medical Care Group that is supposed to be approving my "Authorization for Consultation".  "It is still pending, but we have recorded on file to expedite".  I have called 3 days this week.  They are closed on Friday sooooooo...Arrrghh!  Next wednesday I am scheduled to attend the seminar and the paperwork I got said I need to bring in the authorization for consultation with me.  I called the surgeons office to ask if I could still go without the info and she said yes, I just wont be able to schedule an appointment to see surgeon.  I am hoping and praying that between Monday and Wednesday (mid-day) that I will get the info and hopefully have it faxed to me and then I can head to San Diego for the seminar with it.  Ok, enough of that.

I have been wondering something and i would love your input.  Included in the packet I am to fill out it the diet failure history attempts and an essay.   Did you all have to write an essay?  Well, that wasn't the question I originally thought of but anyways.  I was wondering about the history; did you include like books you've read? Also, I was wondering if I should include the time I trained with the personal trainer.  He always checked my food diary and gave input.  I trained for 3 months.  I really wish I would've kept better track of all my different diets attempts but why would I......I didn't know I would need that.

I made it to the gym today.  I am still recovering from this cold.  I have the cough, mucus galore and my voice isn't completely back yet BUT I made it.  I walked for 45 minutes.  Not terribly fast but an ok speed.  I have been drinking my water YAY me....

Ok, one more thing.  If any one of you would like to add me to your facebook that would be great JUST PLEASE KNOW I AM NOT TELLING THEM ABOUT MY PLANS FOR WLS.  Take care my dear lovelies and I will be reading you all


  1. I keep my WLS very private too. I hope you hear something soon and I will keep you in my thoughts. BTW, Great job getting to the gym!

  2. The only thing I had to do was show documentation of my weight history. Lord, an essay? This kind of crap pisses me off. Do they require alcoholics or drug addicts to prove that they are addicts or write a freakin' essay before they are accepted into a treatment program???? NO! Sorry to vent and I hope that they get your letter to you soon!