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Friday, February 18, 2011

Thoughts and pictures

Hello everyone and happy friday to you.  I am well on my way completing my goals that I set out for myself this week~~pat on the back~~.  Stopped by the hospital to drop off some stuff for my mom.  Oh yes, she is back in the hospital again.  While I was on the treadmill at the gym yesterday she called me, out of breath, saying she was having an attack.  I had been walking for 45 minutes so I didn't mind jetting out of there.  She stayed in the hospital when her oxygen level keep dropping without the O2 hooked up.  The doctor told her to take a walk and of course she couldn't do it for very long.  My dear poor mom.  Her lungs are in such bad shape.  Of course she has other problems too which is such a huge motivation for me to take care of myself now.  I am a lot like my mom.  I DO NOT want to end up disabled and as unhealthy as she is...AND SHE IS ONLY 56!  She promised me that I could put her on a diet and she would listen instead of pouting like usual.  Like I am an expert right.  Funny thing is, I know exactly what is right and wrong when it comes to food.  Sometimes I have such incredible willpower I surprise myself.  I am happy to say I am in a good spot right now.

I have talked my husband into getting on a diet.  He is one of those guys that can lose it so easy when he puts his mind to it.  He amazes me and drives me crazy.  A couple of years ago we did a crazy motivational diet.  I read in Redbook how a couple was doing there own Biggest loser challenge.  Whomever lost the most for the week didn't have to clean the bathroom.  Well, I changed the motivation part.  We made a list of things we wanted our spouse to do for us.  MEN!  lol.  It was pretty fun.  I lost like 20 pounds but at that time I was 50 lighter than now.  I don't know if I want to do that again but I will consider it.

Ronnie, don't feel weird for posting so much.  I am totally addicted to blogging and I could probably blog a couple times a day.  I would do a vlog but I dont have a webcam or a good camera.  Perhaps when my hubby and I go to San Diego we will get a new computer.  Ours is so old, ok only a few years but man things change so fast.  I don't even have power point on here, which my son needs for school.  Anyway.....I babbling.

Here is a picture of my cat Rocky who passed away last year.  Notice the book he was reading........

I also have a picture of me and my dear husband.  He is a big guy but I am now only a few pounds lighter than him......aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!  He used to be about 30 pounds heavier but has lightened up the last couple of years cause of his job.  We make a cute couple don't we??

I mentioned that I had taken some before pics but as I was looking at them the other day I realized that they are kinda revealing.  I mean I am in underwear and a sportsbra in two and just a halter top in the other two (covers bottom) but it is white so you can see every roll I got rolling.  Perhaps when I actually get to the Lap band stage I will be daring enough to show them.  Or perhaps I need to wear a little more, what do you think?

Ok, I better get back to my water bottle, it is not going to drink itself.


  1. I'm sending prayers for your Mom.. And, I love the photo of you and the Hubs!! Great job on reaching your goals this week!

  2. I hope your mom feels better, hon. I can't imagine how scary it must be to have a sick parent. :(

    You and your hubby look super happy! I hope you do the challenge, that sounds like a ton of fun, I want to do that now.

    I would say show the pics if you're comfortable, lady! I did and I don't regret it for a minute. Just shows me how far I will have come at the end of this. Heck, already I can see a difference from my pre-op photos. (Oh, and thanks for the shout out, by the way!!) :D