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Monday, February 28, 2011

Mounds Bar anyone??

I wanted to share with you all something that I consider to be a Godsend.

One day I passed a table at Walmart that had some samples and I tried this one.  I immediately thought WOW, I gotta get me some of that.  Unfortunately, these were sold out or nowhere to be found.  I did look a few days later and YES, they were there.  They taste like mounds bar to me.  So now I have my sweet craving taken care of.  It sure does make life easier.

Hope everyone is enjoying there Monday.


  1. LOL - that guys is creeping on everyone's blogs saying that. I'm not sure I want to be invited. =/

    Those look AMAZING. I love those protein bars. :)

  2. Can I just say that those and the payday ones and the peanut butter cup ones save my life every time I am on a period. Atkins really does help!

  3. nice! i might have to try those, at least hubby wont eat them if I do try em. he hates coconut

  4. mmmm! Sounds yummy! I may pick some up.. I love both mounds and almond joy! :)