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Thursday, February 3, 2011

"I would like to thank the Academy"

Thank you for the nominations ladies....Mandy's Journey, Canadian Girl with a Band and Jewel in the Rough.  Immmm nnnooootttt wworrrrthy!

I am still very new to the blogging world so I hesitated when I was first nominated. (Do I even follow 15 yet????)  anyways, thank you girls.  Here is a list of 7 things about me and my nominations.

1.   My name is spelled Tanja on my birth certificate.  My mom is from Germany and that is how she spelled it.  I didnt know until I was 14.  My grandma told her to spell it with a y.  My dear mom was learning english so she didnt fight it.
2.   I only have one child.  I had a hysterectomy last year and sometimes still grieve for the girl I will never have.
3.   I am a baby christian.  I was saved last year.  I was headed for no good when God slapped me silly and told me to wake up.
4.   I am unemployed and really wish I could afford to stay home for good.
5.   I am a bit bossy but trying to change that about myself.
6.   I ate a whole box of Girl Scout cookies in one day but you have to admit, the boxes are small.  I know I know ~(head lowered in shame)~
7.   I am totally and utterly addicted to blogging and reading blogs and I love you all.

my nominees..........womem so great that I bet all have already received the award.  These are in no particular order......

1.  Violinist with a band
2.  Ronnie's Bandumentary
3.  Mandy's Journey
4.  Ala Peanut butter BANDwiches
5.  Brave Food World
6.  But you have such a pretty face
7.  Chrissy's World
8.  Diary of a Fat (and often Mad) White woman
9.  Cupcakes and Carrots, a lap band journey
10. Heather's Lap Band Journey
11. Jewel in the Rough
12. Lap Band Gal
13. Fat Girl on the Outside
14. Undercover Banded
15. Ramblings of a drama queen

I know that I am not a bandster yet but hopefully I will be able to encourage others like you all have encouraged me, when I finally get banded. I am thrilled that you all even take the time to read my stuff.  I really am honored to be a part of this crazy blogging world.


  1. Thanks for the nomination, sweetie! :)

  2. yay I will cheer you on the whole way. It is the best decision I ever made and I hope you feel the same way when you get there.

    I used to eat a whole box by myself too. I told hubby this year that we weren't bying any and he was so sad lol