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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bring it on!

I am ready to tackle the coming week.  I have 3 jobs lined up for this week.  The first one I am not real sure how it will go.  The lady wants to pay $10/hr and for only 4 hours, which is ok but she wants me to go at 10 which kind of makes this job the only one I can do that day.  I will have to insist on going earlier or later in the day because I will have to do another job (eventually) on the same day.  She also said she might need me to go to the store or take her to the doctor once in a while, of course paid.  So its a little weird, but I will see how things go.  I also am going to a friend's house on Wednesday to help her clean out her garage.  I am pretty sure she already has someone come regularly to clean her house but she is so sweet and asked me to help her out.  Nice friend from church.  On Friday I have a house to do and I already seen it and know what is involved.  She is paying $60, so that is fine.  I am looking forward to getting started.  I also am just waiting for some call backs from 3 that are just getting the times figured out.

Ok, so I know that had nothing to do with my weight loss journey but I had to share.  So now I have to make an effort to make it to the gym whereas before I just went whenever I got up and around to it.  I truly admire all you women who have full-time jobs and/or several kids and still make it a priority to go to the gym.  

This week I am going to concentrate on taking in all my water and no fast food.  Being out and about you know how easy it is to just drive thru somewhere and grab a bite.

Today after church we went to Carl's Jr. and I ordered a kids burger and zucchini instead of fries.  My mom looks at my meal and says "Is that all you are going to eat?"  and then she proceeded to offer me at least 4 times some of her burger or some of her onion rings.  My dear husband answered for me, supporting me.  I did have his last bite of jalapeno burger though (boy, was it good).  What was even better was when we left and headed for Walmart for a few things, I thought to myself and then said out loud "I am really full" and I was telling the truth.  I felt satisfied with my puny burger and zucchini (which were good).

This morning I was up one pound so that is why I was determined to get only the kids meal for lunch.  Now it is the end of the night and I will just have to stay away from the kitchen. water water water and no fast food.  Prepare snacks and have them handy when I am out and about.

Have a great week and I will be back on Wednesday for my weekly weigh in and my monthly measurements.


  1. I keep high protien snacks in my purse for that very reason. Great job on the kids meal and what a blessing that man is going to be for you on this adventure!

  2. Glad to hear you have some cleaning jobs-- if you were anywhere near me I'd hire you because you're cheaper than the going rate around here.

    That's great about the kids meal-- it's true that they are usually plenty of food. I get so irritated with restaurants that won't allow you to order from the kid's menu unless you're a kid. Why the heck not? We go to this local place and they have a two-piece chicken tender dinner for kids but the adults portion has four pieces. If I indulge, I could never do more than 2-- but they won't let me order the kids meal. So I either have to order the full thing and waste it or I have to get the sandwich and throw away the bread. It's so wasteful and ridiculous.

  3. I'm so glad you've got such good supportive people in your life, that's really the key to the whole process. :)