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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Doing Ok

After almost two years of not working it is taking some getting used to.  I mean, as a mom, wife and semi-caretaker of my mom I know that I haven't been just laying around but as far as secular work, I am out of touch.  I am really enjoying cleaning other people's houses.  It is so funny to meet a new client and look at their SPOTLESS house and know that they want it cleaned.  It blows my mind.  Hey, but I am not going to argue.  I am enjoying being out of the house although I enjoyed the time I was able to stay home.

So the last week I had 5 jobs but most were about 4 hours.  Next week I have 3 days full so far.  I need just a few more jobs to keep me busy.

The week after that I also have a few jobs lined up but also have my Dr. appt on Friday.  I am excited about getting that going.

It has been pretty easy to control my eating habits because I have been busy cleaning.  I usually take a protein bar and some Special K crackers with me if I get hungry or start to feel like I need the energy.  I really feel like I am getting more control over food.  I often dont even feel hungry anymore.  I really love that and take advantage of that as much as possible.  I'm sure you all know how great that can be.  One late afternoon my husband and I just got home and we were in the kitchen and I told him I was going to start dinner cause I only had a protein bar all day and he kind of chuckled and tapped my stomach and said what, you trying to starve yourself?  I said no that I just wasnt hungry and he seemed to not believe me.  I guess after seeing me eat so much in the past it is hard to grasp.  I hate to think that this is just a stage I'm going through but I guess it does sound too good to be true.  Oh well, we shall see.  Today I decided to go help out at the church (cleaning day) and I think part of me wanted to go so I wouldn't be at home doing nothing and be tempted with food.  I really wanted a day to relax but I am relaxing now so I'm fine.

Ok, I will end it here.  I know I just ramble sometimes and bless you for reading even though I am not a bandster yet.  I cherish you all, really.  Hope your weekends end without guilt.  :)


  1. I'm glad your cleaning business is picking up-- and it makes total sense that keeping so busy doing something active makes you less interested in food.

    A have some pictures of the tankini tops I have available-- if you email me at my gmail account (stateofzen), I will send them to you to see if you'd like to claim one or more.

  2. Um anytime you are bored - come on over....I'm here to tell you - you wouldn't walk in and think it's spotless...ha!

  3. i am so glad your business is taking off! You are doing great!